Nvidia RTX 40 series - buy a power plant to run it

600 - 1000 watt TDP?

Or maybe 450 watts:

Unlike the 3080 launch, where I was jonesing to upgrade, I’m pretty indifferent about the 4000 series. Probably due to being happy at 3440x1440 ultrawide, and no games I’m aware of on the horizon that would benefit (since I don’t play MS Flight Sim).

The question is, how soon will a i9 with 4090+ and fancy multi-monitor setup plus peripherals use the entire capacity of a typical 15A electrical circuit in US homes.

I wonder what kind of difference it could make in VR.

Given my son plays Skyrim VR and Half-Life Alex on his laptop with a mid-range VR setup and it looks and plays really well, I doubt going from a 30x0 to a 40x0 will be much different. More frames I suppose, if that matters for VR.

I’m with @mono though, my 3080 is driving everything I have ever thrown at it, and at ultrawide, without issue. I generally cap my games at 60 to keep wear and tear (and noise) down on my rig anyway, so being able to play said games at 100-140 instead of 70-90 (which is where most of my high end games land right now) means nothing to me.

EDIT: I just realized this isn’t the normal GPU thread - why did we start a new one, out of curiosity?

There’s barely any new AAA PC VR games being made, and my 3080 runs what exists just fine, so probably not a lot outside of MSFS.

DCS is where I’d want to see major gains.

No country where a standard wall socket cannot run a 2 kW kettle can truly be considered civilized.

Any extra power would always benefit No Man’s Sky VR! :)

Still, having recently managed to get a 3080ti I’d be waiting for a 4080ti, if anything.

Also 300 watts for the 4070 per the same article. Those numbers sound more realistic, albeit still higher than last gen. It would be nice if Nvidia gave us the ability to easily underclock/undervolt these cards, rather than having to use 3rd-party tools to play with voltage curves.

That said, I intend to skip the 40x0 series. The 3070 Ti is doing fine. Ray tracing performance could use a boost, but there aren’t enough RT-enabled games at the moment to justify a new card.

With the XSX and PS5 running RDNA2 APUs, those are going to be the baseline for all “next-gen” games (or “current-gen” once we drop Xbone/PS4 support). And, yeah, RT is not going to go crazy because the RT support on the consoles is going to be limited.

A Turbo button for your video card!

I’ve been holding out for MSFS VR for a long time now, and hoarding pennies, so if I’m gonna splurge on a system for that, might as well be this range if it offers gains. Want to see some charts, though.

MSFS also has DLSS incoming. That beast is being tamed :)

It took me a while to realize why @Editer’s screenshots look so much detailed than mine, even though I have the building and terrain detail turned all the way up in MSFS. It made finally realize: oh yes, resolution actually makes a big difference. Me playing at 1080p does actually make the game look worse than someone playing at 1440p, even if the detail level within the game is the same, but you can’t see as much of it at a lower resolution, especially in a game like MSFS where a lot of the scenery is at a distance.

I do wonder how magical DLSS can be though. The additional amount of detail you can see with higher resolution, can DLSS really magically come up with that kind of detail?

Edit, plucking a random example from the MSFS screenshots forum posted recently, this is the sort of scene, if it was in higher resolution would show even more detail. Can DLSS provide that extra detail as well, I wonder.

Probably a good time to upgrade my 2080 to a 4000. Just not sure if my Ryzen 7 3700x is good enough at this point.

It really does make a huge difference with almost no loss of detail. You get a bit of fuzziness which you can counter by upping the sharpness setting.

I mean, it can magically come up with detail, but for you it’s going to be magically coming up with 1080p detail from a 720p/480p render, not 1440p detail from 1080p.

Edit: I’m assuming your display is capped at 1080p and you’re not choosing a lower resolution than it’s capable of. If you have a 1440p display, then yes, you will magically get more detail.

Right, right. Not for me personally, obviously. Just curious about what it will do for others here at Qt3 who have better displays.