Nvidia WHQL 40.72 drivers

Nvidia has got the first ofiicial WHQL drivers of the ‘40’ series up at their site.

Or, for those with 95, 98 or ME systems:

Thanks for the heads-up guys. With the problems that I’d heard about with the first 40.xxs I just decided to wait for the next WHQL release and stick with the 30.82s in the meantime.

A caution: The new drivers don’t install on my ME system. The installer quits with an error message about not being able to find a NV4 file.


Check out the other thread about these drivers in the “Everything Else” section.


I’ve been wondering, what does a WHQL certification mean exactly?

I had that exact same problem trying to install the Win2000 drivers, Peter.

WHQL means Windows Hardware Quality Labs. That’s a Microsoft department whose job is to test hardware and drivers for conformance with MS specifications. Hardware makers may submit their products to WHQL for certification. AFAIK this costs a bunch and takes a while.

The biggest practical implication of these tests is that WHQL-certified drivers won’t nag you during installation. Other than that, I found the difference between certified and non-certified drivers negligible as far as stability and error-free performance is concerned…

It doesn’t mean squat. Though the ISVs and MS sure like to think so.

You know, ever since I installed the 40.xx drivers, I’ve been unable to play Freedom Force.

Anyone else have that problem?

No, but I’ve had some strange graphical quirks in M4: Mercenaries that were solved only by rolling things back to 30.82

I actually rolled back to 30.82 (I believe that was it) but started getting blue screen reboots again. Figured I’d just put FF back on the shelf rather than deal with that crap.

Ain’t progress grand? I’ve had this problem with Soldiers of Anarchy. I get an “insufficient memory” error at boot. (Not likely; I have a gig.)


the 40.xx series also seems to have minor problems with Age of Wonders 2.

These drivers have a lot of known problems - even with my games. At the moment, the most stable 40.xx release is the 40.41. If you must have the 40.xx series, get that one. If not, stick with the 30.82 WHQL release.