NWN 2 Mod Releases

Oh noes, not another NWN 2 thread!

I’d like this one to be dedicated to new modules released for NWN 2. Please save your bitching, whining, and wishing for one of the hojillion other NWN 2 threads. :-)

Just released: Tragedy in Tragidor, a remake of a NWN mod. Seems to be a straight-forward hack-n-slash module; gotten some positive reviews already. This is the first substantive (i.e., more than 2 hours) NWN 2 mod I’ve seen released, not counting unfinished betas like Pool of Radiance.

Is there a mod that makes the second part of Chapter 3 not suck?

What did I just say about bitching and wishing? X-P

Don’t feel bad, Igor loves to post without reading anything but the thread title.

Edit: I should also mention you might expect some more thread crapping from our favorite anti-NWN2 troller Matt Perkins.

Stupid question time: just d/l and installed the Tragidor module, but there are two listed now. . .escape and tragedy. Which one do you play first (included .txt file doesn’t say) or are they completely separate? Never fiddled at all with NWN1 modules so. . . .

Mmhmm, “NWN 2 Mod Releases” totally told me not to complain about NWN2. Anyway, I never got to participate in the other NWN2 threads cause I didn’t get the game until it was dirt cheap on gogamer :-D.

Is it possible to have mods where players can be in different areas like in NWN1? I am not sure if this is a design choice for the SP game or a limit of the engine.

Yes, it is still possible.

I was tinkering with the possibility to work on a mod myself. There’s this HUGE campaign that I found on the internet a few years ago, an unofficial one. Set in the Forgotten Realms. It’s really one hell of an adventure. Just the first module is more than 500 pages long. It’s superbly written, completely coherent with the official FR and truly epic. It goes from level 1 party till epic levels and delves deeply into the lore.

That’s something that would be truly awesome to play because the campaign itself has a very high quality. The problem is that I don’t know if these “ports” can work well. There are many interesting passages that I’m not sure are doable with the engine of the game, but if you start to cut them then all the fun of the campaign is wasted and what is left is just another hack&slash with maybe lots of dialogue.

For example there’s a point where the party is captured by a band of orcs. They chain them up and make them work at a mill for a few days. That’s already not so simple to make. How do you chain the player if the game doesn’t support it already? How do you adapt those interactions?

At the end you are really dependent on the default sets that NWN offers and the risk is that you may have the best campaign ever, but at the end it will feel exactly the same.

Or you could just get someone who can do new item modeling and have them make equipable gloves that look like shackles or something, then have guards and what not. Game makers have been faking/working around this kind of shit for many years. A little creative scripting, modeling, and dialogue can go a long way to give you the sense of what should be happening if not showing it exactly the way you would want to. (Screen) Blackouts, quick cuts, and other stuff can make in-game engine scripted “movies” to convey the same sort of thing as well (tools used by Hollywood movie directors to shorten lengthy sequences without dialogue without removing the conceptual thrust of what is going on).

Yes, but in the end you have to deliver everything through text and descriptions, and all the gameplay is reduced to clicking on “next” or kill monsters.

It’s not that it’s impossible to adapt. I just wonder how far you can go without the module feel exactly like every other.

You could script the chains item to be unequippable and have some kind of attack penalty so the character can’t attack anyone perhaps?

Which is why you read the friggin’ text of the post before replying.

Reading comprehension isn’t just for SATs!

That said, I probably should’ve titled it “module releases,” rather than just “mod releases,” so as to make it clear I wasn’t talking about gameplay mods in general. Sooo…my bad on that.

Aha, so technically my question, which was about a mod, is still ok ;).

It’s confusing because unlike other mods, it should not show up under modules but rather under campaigns when you start the game. The other thing is that there is no auto leveler built in so if you create a character they will be level 1 with no gold to start when the module is designed to be played with a level 5-7 character. This worked in the past because people would run a character through a starter module and then import them to the next module, etc. but with so few modules out for NWN2 now you can’t really do that. So, you will have to download and figure out an “auto leveler” program to create and equip your character or go into the game’s debug and tell it to level up your character and give them some gold.

Yes, but the problem is to deliver the whole thing and play as a slave for that groups of orcs. There are different things going on and each isn’t simple to adapt.

Think to the opening sequence in Conan where he works at some kind of manual mill. That scene is already off limits, I think.

Everything that isn’t strictly dialogue or killing stuff is rather off limits. And that’s the main reason why playing modules is often very boring. Read, kill stuff, read, kill stuff. Roleplay isn’t that. But any attempt to roleplay requires control that NWN doesn’t give you.

Yeah… that’s just not correct. There are two or three leveling modules out there already, one of which is quite good (but I’m forgetting the name). They include NPC shop-keeps, ability to get gold, etc. Throw in a couple givefeat commands to get the Shadowthief of Amn or Neverwinter Nine and you can level up to any level of any class (max 20th level total still though and max 4 classes).

I hate to break it to you but you’re describing 99% of CRPGs known to man.

I haven’t seen Conan, but I can imagine some kind of mining mini-game off the top of my head… like run around, try to find rocks with ore in them, then mine the ore, if you don’t get enough ore for the day then you get beat up by the orcs… and so on for 3-4 days with other scripted events happening like some inmate being executed until you finally get the chance to escape.

They spoofed the sequence in Army of Darkness, IIRC.

Isn’t Sam Raimi doing a sequel?