NWN question

anyone playing a mage / sorcerer and is high level to construct a golem as discribed in the monster manual ? is that even possible in the game ?

Hmm… good question. By default, no. With a DM running a game, it would be very easy to “fake.” Give the player a manual of golemns, and when they use it, drop in a golem with the Creator.

It might be possible to create an item that does this automatically, via scripting. I’ll have to look into it.

Actually, the worldbuilder guide walks through this process, pretty much.

It details how one might create a gem that Drizzt could use to summon Guenwhyvar (sp?), his extra-planar panther pet. Seems you could modify that a bit and make a “Scroll of Golem Summoning” that would be the reward for figuring out a formula scattered across a series of well-hidden books.

Or something.