NWN2 Characters - For Your DL Pleasure

Drop these .bic files inside the zips into your \My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\Local Vault directory:

Elemental Shifter
(Salek Tumbu Male Human Druid 19 / Monk 1)

Salek gets 9th level spells that he can cast while shifted, full progression animal companion (boar), wisdom bonus to AC from Monk and unarmed feats so that he can stay as a Water Elemental all the time.

Eldritch Undead
(Elim Dartu Female Human Wizard 5 / Palemaster 10 / Eldritch Knight 5)

Elim gets level 9 spells and equipped she has roughly 29 AC. Her BAB is only 12, though, but throw a Bull’s Strenght, True Strike, and a Haste and you will be swinging big two-handers around like a pro. Anyway, the point is to kill the enemies with spells and your undead minions. ;)

These chars require the use of Reeron’s Spellfixes pack 2.13+. Don’t forget to download the Dialog.tlk file as well, and place that in \My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\ in order to get updated descriptions for spells, etc. Both of these together will get you better 3.5E approximation of the Harper Agent (only requires one feat now, read the linked page for details), Red Dragon Disciple (gets claw/bite, and half-spell progression), and Palemaster (gets full spell progression after level 1, gets armor use instead of natural armor-- undead armor will be forthcoming). 2.14 will introduce automatic wings for RDD, so awesomness, and an updated dialog.tlk file.

These characters were created using Whatbrick’s compilation pack, although they don’t use anything fancy from it, and also FRW Character Creator module.

Wow…characters start at those high levels in NWN2 or something?

No, they end at level 20. The expansion campaign starts at level 20 though.

They’re sample builds so that when you create a level 18 from scratch in Mask of the Betrayer (NWN2 XP), or import a level 20 from the original NWN2, you can have some guidelines to play around with. These characters can be imported into modules that have no level cap, such as training mods.

Also, note that Elim can be leveled up to 30 by raising EK and Wizard to 10 or, alternatively, EK to 10, Wizard to 6, and 4 levels of Fighter for some bonus combat feats, BAB, and more HP (I’d suggest Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse, and Weapon Focus: Greatsword for Fighter feats, and Epic Intelligence and Greater Spell Penetration for EK/Wizard feats).

For Salek, I would suggest Druid 28 / Monk 2, and get the rest of the Unarmed Combat feats (Weapon Specialization: Unarmed, Improved Critical: Unarmed), Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration, Epic Wisdom I, Epic Wild-Shape (Bronze Dragon if possible), Mobility, and Spring Attack.

I have a Red Dragon Disciple character as well, I may upload that: it’s Sorceror 6 / Red Dragon Disciple 4 / Eldritch Knight 6 / Harper Agent 4 (level 7 spells available, I’ll have to look up the BAB).

Is there a list of the epic feats NWN2 will be implementing?

Here are some name suggestions that follow a similar pattern:

Wiggum Coptu
Tomas Chicktu
Zyrtec Sneeztu
Poppy Papadopoulos

Not that I’m aware of, but I can answer any questions you have on 'em. There are over 60, so I’m too lazy to type them out. More than half of them are taken from Epic Level handbook, but there’s also a lot of original ones.

There’s probably an Epic <Stat> I-IV feat for every character stat, for starters. I know that they already said that Druids can get Epic Wild-shape feat to turn into a dragon, and that Monks get an epic feat of some sort for attacking. One of the GameSpot articles should have the info.

Alright, I’ll type 'em out. You’ll have to intuit what the new ones do, heh:

  • armored deflection
  • armor skin
  • automatic quicken spell (also silent/still spell options)
  • Bane of enemies
  • blazing aura
  • blinding speed
  • chorus of heroism
  • combat insight
  • damage reduction
  • dragon companion
  • dragon shape
  • eldritch master
  • epic animal companion
  • epic deflection
  • epic divine might
  • epic dodge
  • epic eldritch blast
  • epic energy resistance
  • epic fiendish resistance
  • epic fortitude (also precision, prowess, rage, reflexes, resilience)
  • 6 epic spells, which are each feats
  • epic spell penetration
  • epic toughness
  • epic weapon focus
  • epic weapon specialization
  • epic will
  • expose weaknes
  • great charisma (also constitution, dexterity, intelligence, strength, wisdom)
  • great smiting
  • hymn of requiem
  • improved sneak attack
  • improved spell resistance
  • improved stunning fist
  • improved whirlwind attack
  • last stand
  • magical beast wild shape
  • one shot
  • overwhelming critical
  • perfect two-weapon fighting
  • planar tuning
  • rescue
  • self-concealment
  • song of requiem
  • thundering rage

Here’s the look-up page for Epic Feats in the 3.5E Standard Reference Document (Open Gaming License):

Prerequisites: Wis 30, Knowledge (nature) 30 ranks, wild shape 6/day.

Benefit: The character may use wild shape to change into a dragon (black, blue, green, red, white, brass, bronze, copper, gold, or silver). The size limitation is the same as the character’s limitation on animal size. The character gains all extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the dragon whose form he or she takes.

I’m curious about Dragon Companion feat; I can’t see that one listed. Maybe they’re altering the Magical Beast Companion [WILD] [EPIC] feat; although Epic Animal Companion throws me off (maybe that just boosts the companion’s level?)

I assume the original NWN ones will be in.

How is epic magic done? I sure hope it is far better then in NWN1.

As for others, umm…
Infinite arrow deflection, arrow reflection.
Improved Meta-Magic
Improved Spell Capacity
Spell Knowledge

Oh, have the implemented counter-spelling yet?

I’m pretty sure that there is no system for counterspells in MotB.

There used to be a bug (or a feature!) in NWN2 regarding the experience you collect as a multi-classed druid when you are shape-shifted. See, only humans don’t pay a 20% XP penalty when they are multi-classed with something that is not a favored class. But when you are shape-shifted, your creature type changes to animal or to elemental. You are no longer human, and are thus hit with the XP penalty.

So by fighting in animal- or elemental-form, you earn 20% xp less than your party members, who soon have more levels than you do.

I don’t think that bug ever got fixed.

There’s not. It actually was never even really attempted in NWN2 - there just was a manual reference that accidentally got ported from NWN.

It just gives you a small dragon as a companion. “Epic animal companion”, on the other hand, just boosts the power of your existing companion by 3 levels.

Well, I posted a question to the NWN2 forums and I’ll see if it’s been fixed or not.

Can you stack these?

Yeah…thats probably still in, but I just gave it to the testers to check if its still in MotB.

So, if it’s fixed then it would be in 1.07? Do you work on Atari’s NWN2 team?

No, i think its too late for 1.07, perhaps 1.08.
No, I work for Obsidian.

Is 1.07 the MotB boxed version, or is that going to be released prior to MotB?

Just curious, if you are in any polymorphed form such as Shapechange spell do you get the same behavior? If I kill someone as a Umber Hulk polymorphed wizard, do I take 20% hit on the XP from killing them?