NWN2 Modding

So is NWN2.

I suppose when you compare the two games, it’s more or less true. Both threw out the graphics engines and started clean, but I’m a little curious as to how much of the other parts of the Aurora engine were kept around by the Witcher since it has very little to do with D&D.

Kick ass final version of new beholder model/anims:

Yeah, I was just throwing that out their as another option if the NWN2 stuff doesn’t work for you. The SDK could be total poop. We have no idea at this point.

This plugin is rather nifty. Buggy, but the person working on it updates it regularly.

Whatever happened to that AI mod with formations? Or is that one of the current AI mods that people are using and I just missed it? There was a video where you could set up all sorts of party formations, like Baldur’s Gate.

That sounds sweet.

I wonder if there’s a mod that fixes the companion pathfinding to where they don’t get stuck going through doors. That drives me insane.

That’s one of the things that made me think of it - it’s really frustrating when your carefully laid plans go to water because everyone bunches up at a door and then the skinny mage squeezes through and gets used as a punching bag.

I first saw it on Rob McGinnis blog here (scroll down to April 25th)


…but nothing since I can see.