NWN2 patching. This shit is a partial abortion

wondering around drooling aimlessly

Seriously developers, if your game ever gets to this state you have failed and you should line yourself up against the wall and blow your fucking brains out.

I’ve read about all the patching issues and wonder if someone here can help me. I’m on a slow dodgy connection so I need to manually install the updates from http://nwvault.ign.com/

I’ve bought the DVD version and updated using:


If I download the following following patches will I find a tiny measure of joy?



Do I need to install : nwn2_pc_english_from104870_to105910

Please folks, I’m starting the game from scratch and would like to get my moneys worth.

That sounds correct. The easiest option would be the all inclusive patch that takes you from 1.0 to the latest.

It’s not a partial abortion, it’s a full-on assbirth.

You should take it to the Supreme Court.

I recently reinstalled and ran the auto patcher once, it worked perfectly. The fuck are you all bitching about?

The problems we’ve had, fucking duh.

I’ve had trouble with the original NWN, too. I hadn’t patched in a fairly long time, and it applied the first one it downloaded just fine, but then failed on the next one, directing me to a web page where I could download the patch as an executable instead. The link and page were specific enough that this seems to be a fairly common problem.

You know what this shit really is?

BaNaNas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

This shit is Bananas.


Welcome to NWN 2001?

An Idea: Have someone change your diaper, and use the auto patcher.

Except the autopatcher doesn’t work well on slow speed and problematic connections. It times out and just fails.

I have an idea was well: If you aren’t going to add constructively to a conversation, save your snarky comments, no one cares nor is impressed with your “wit.”

It was really bad, and now the autopatcher times out on some people (with slow crappy internet connections). The patch names are messy, and that’s it. The whole thing is about a billion times better.

The auto patcher always times out for me and since the folks at Obsidian are retards they failed to allow you the ability to resume interrupted downloads, a crime if you consider the size of the patches and the amount of gamers in the world who do not have a decent always on connection.

We won’t forget the patches-to-fix-patches because their Q&A department routinely misses game stopping bugs (Like not being able to trade with merchants, etc.)

Add the fact that the game should not have been released in the state it has been and you have people like me who are very unhappy campers.

And congratulations to you Worm, what, do you walk up to blind people and call them idiots because you can see perfectly as well?

No, because you never know which one might be like the Daredevil.

I still don’t see what the issue is. There’s a 1.00 to 1.05 patch up on nwn2 vault, don’t you just need to reinstall and download that? I think you can roll back, however that seems like more trouble than anything else. I’ll admit the numbers are confusing, but I saw a post on google that read “1.00.788 to 1.05.912” and then the entire thing seem far less complex.

Then you can’t read and I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.

All I read is that the auto-patcher is flakey on flakey connections, and the versions have three extra numbers after the first three that make it look like you’re dealing with nuclear launch codes.

They didn’t bother to make the autopatcher ready to deal with your 2000 dollar gaming rig that uses a can and string to connect to the net. Therefore, you download the patches. Sure that’s a messy list, however it’s not more mind blowing than the god damn lute competition puzzle in NWN2.

Congratulations, I’m glad to hear someone out there isn’t experiencing the issues a lot of us are.

Any exchange between only two people on QT3 containing five posts isn’t going to go anywhere, so I’m going to just drop it.

An autopatcher that doesn’t work properly is annoying, but to qualify as an abortion it has to be worse than Pod. There were several patches available for it, but not all of them were versioned, and if you applied them in the wrong order, it deleted the main executable. Have fun trying all the permutations!

The NWN2 patching process hasn’t broken on me yet. Fat pipes, and all that.

The game, of course, has. I didn’t want BG3 with a broken party system and A.I. I wanted NWN2 with a broken party system and AI, since NWN is essentially a single-player + 1 henchman game by design.

If the autopatcher doesn’t work then I’d definately use the stand alone patches. I had a bad connection around release time and that’s what I did for the first couple of patches as the autopatcher was worse than useless.