NWN2 - Recommended Addons

Since judging from the other threads the NWN2 expansion is some sort of robotic Jesus, I’m thinking of going through the original campaign before picking it up. Does anyone have recommendations on what mods/fixes to install? I seem to remember some AI packs and such.

Look here for the links:

Get Tony_K’s AI and Reeron/Trekari’s Spell Fixes & Improvements. I would also recommend the Companion Multiclass and the Combat Splatter pack, but they are optional compared to the first two recommendations. If you dislike the original UI and miss the NWN1 UI then I’d suggest trying SlimUI.

One key thing to remember is that all mods for NWN2 go into your “My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2” folder and NOT, I repeat, NOT into the actual game install folder. Doing the latter has the potential to seriously screw up patching (I’m thinking particularly about the dialog.tlk file).

If you hated it the first time, skip to robojesus. You’ll be fine if you take something brawny and awesome.

Yeah, what Aeon221127212121211555 said.

Play a Bard!

Like I did!

Preferably an Air Genasi Bard!

Like I did!

ECL races are lame, IMO. The only one I’ve seen so far that’s had a power and bonuses I’ve actually thought worth the XP hit is the cleric companion in MotB. I won’t say anything else.

Could you paste the links here plz? Thanks!

I did not know that and had always used the game’s main folder. Might explain why I had the no-text issues despite following all public advice on how to resolve it (prior to a complete reinstall).

Oh, nuts. I thought they were world-viewable/public.

Spell Fixes and Improvements version 3.3 by Reeron and Trekari

Companion and Monster AI 1.5 by Tony_K

(Note that Tony_K’s AI hasn’t been updated for MotB yet)

Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs by clubok

Companion Multi-classing by DMCain

Enjoy! (Note on the last link, you have to rename the file to get it to work under MotB, throw it into your override folder)

Do any of these addons provide an easier “broadcast command”? I am playing a wizard/red wizard and I like to have the pary hold their ground while i unload hell =). I would love to hotkey stand ground, follow and guard. Not possible huh?

Also do those mods work with the expansion?

Thanks goes to Aeon for telling me about this.

Ridge, if you hit ‘v’ it’ll bring up a command menu, you can then select combat or exploration by hitting the appropriate key. From there you can left click and drag the commands to your action bar (in the bottom part of the screen) or hit the labeled key to issue the command directly.

I’m unsure if the mods work since my first play through the expansion was mod free.

All but the AI mod (but one that works with it is forthcoming).

Nice. Thanks. I only played briefly when the OC was originally released. The game feels much smoother with these latest patches.

Some are o.k. I played an aasimar Paladin in the both the original campaign/expansion, and it worked out well – +2 wis/+2char is a pretty nice bonus for that character, that’s probably worth a level.

I don’t think any of the -2 or worse ECL bonuses are worth it, other than an roleplaying concepts, but I’m not a number cruncher.

Yeah, I think the ECL races really are just there for roleplayers/Persistent World folks. Still, I like the fact that we got more than just your usual Human/Elf/Dwarf/Halfling player character possibilities in NWN2.

I played through the NWN2 OC with a tiefling monk and had a blast.

Things are definitely tougher in MotB with my Air Genasi bard though. I’ve had to really buff up for the first few fights to even stand a chance.

You people must be kidding! Drow is excellent for a wizard. Your spell resistance is through the roof, and you get more spells per day than a sorcerer if you specialize.

Plus, you can run around going BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA at people for the halibut.

Aasimar make nice divine casters, especially paladin / cleric, since IIRC the only other race with a WIS bonus are Deep Gnomes and they suck. Tieflings make a good rogue / duelist (and now rogue / Invisible Blade), thanks to their DEX & INT bonuses; or a rogue / wizard / Arcane Trickster. I haven’t tried them yet, but Earth Genasi look like they make great tanks. And, of course, Drow == cockangst. Otherwise I’m indifferent to the ECL races, too.

Anyway, Kunikos listed the most useful NWN 2 mods. There are also a number of graphics mods, to change the heads and clothes if you don’t like the defaults.

Apparently there is some lame book series about Drow. I didn’t know about it until after my evil wizard had already mutilated the game, and then only because I asked someone why they would name their GW character something Polish looking (Drizzt) when they are actually Hispanic.

To summarize my feelings on the matter: I’d rather have my heart cut out with a rusty spoon than read even a single page of some glorified DnD fan fiction. And my Drow is still awesome. Especially after he told that fat fart of a spider that it was betraying the Spider God and needed to die. That was fun!

“Cockangst” has something of a history `round here.


I swear by the Tony K mod. Made NWN2 playable. I also got an improved UI mod, but I can’t remember the name of it. Some simplified UI thing. I think Kuni suggested it at some point.