NY Times: "2005: The year of good movie-based games"

Designed by Michel Ancel, a respected game designer handpicked by Mr. Jackson, the movie’s director, the stylish, critically acclaimed “Kong” is not the first good game ever based on a movie. But this is the first year that a good movie-based game is more par for the course than fluke.


Short but pretty good article. I agree that movie-based games did very well this year. Looking forward to that continuing.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a good movie-based game, but I definitely prefer games that have unique settings.

Pardon me if I don’t get too excited about a game that borrows ideas from a movie that borrows ideas from another movie.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

It only borrows plot, and video game plots are rarely masterpieces in the first place. The gameplay is what is key, and it can’t be borrowed from movies (except maybe the Matrix games).

Likewise for movies.

The Riddick game showed what a good licensed game ought to be. Not some ridiculous translation of a movie into a game with a few thousand random bad guys thrown in, but a side story that involves characters and ideas from the movie but translated into a brand new story that makes sense as a game.

I had the good fortune to see The Chronicles of Narnia game in action today. It was superbly awful.

What the hell? Madagascar? Aeon Flux? Path of Neo? Batman Begins? With that lineup, last year might as well be the year of good movie-based games.

I think what the article’s trying to say is that there have been more movie-based games that didn’t completely suck, compared to previous ones. Path of Neo wasn’t fantastic, but it was about a million times better than Enter the Matrix. Short of some technical flubs, it could’ve been a really good game, especially for Matrix fans. Batman Begins wasn’t horrible, either.

So I guess really the point is that at least we’re now in the stage where movie games are starting to be mostly mediocre with a few decent ones. That’s better than past years where there were mostly eye-gougingly putrid titles with a maybe few mediocre ones. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is still the only movie game I can think of that was really good, though.

I wish I still had my copy of E.T. Pretty much every video game was fun when I was 8, but something about E.T. made me really angry. I’m not sure I ever figured out what the hell I was even supposed to do, but it sure wasn’t fun trying.

You can’t think of Tron 2.0?

I never played it, so, uh, no? :)