O.R.B. from Strategy First

Say, if anyone’s got O.R.B. and wants to play some co-op or deathmatch with a married, 36-year-old math professor who is well-mannered and friendly, let me know either here or by email.


A well-mannered maths professor? Be truthful now. You must have some kind of psychological disorder. Say, an unhealthy appetite for human flesh?

Prime numbers give me cold sores, but other than that, I’m normal.

That game finally came out? I haven’t heard a peep about it since the 60 Second Preview on it from way back when.

/me fires up Google…

Yup, 'tis out!

Yeah, not that bad actually … especially considering I expected it to be terrible based off the really old preview build I played that had no redeeming qualities.

Please, tell me more about the game. If it’s good enough, maybe this 38 year old art teacher will purchase it and show you the humanities can still compete. :)

There were previews galore and the buzz was relatively good for this game, what…2 years ago? Now it has sort of shown up on store shelves with a whimper. Game development is pretty kooky.

It’s a Homeworld-type game, complete with asteroids as resources. Only certain asteroids contain resources, however, and in multiplayer, the asteroids slowly revolve in rings around the battlefield, bringing them closer, on occasion, to the enemy.

It’s a RTS in space. If you buy it, please let me know!

You should also know that I consider math to be more closely allied with the humanities than the sciences. I hope that doesn’t affect your competitiveness. :)


Not at all. We art teachers have even been known to have coffee with maths professors…

Not often though. Have you seen the condition of their coffee mugs in their staffroom? Eeeeew. At least we clean ours out with turpentine every now and then.

So didja buy it yet, Peter? Didja?

Still looking for it- what’s the game like? Got you sucked in? I didn’t mind Homeworld but I found the multiplay to tend towards a rush game.

I believe ORB is slow-paced enough so that rushes are not as viable as they were in Homeworld. It sounds like the first ORB patch will boost the strength of defensive structures, and tone down the hyperspacin’ assault carrier, which basically ends a multiplayer game once any player manages to build it. So those things will help.

I’m hesitant to present any more review-like comments because ORB was assigned to me for review. But there is a review up on Gamespot you can read:


If you do get ORB, let me know, cuz I would like to try coop and multiplayer with a mature person in the humanities!

If the reviewer were any more encouraging, he’d be firing at the game with a shotgun. I think he’s totally missed out on the point.

You can’t research everything and still have a decent sized force: So don’t research everything.

Minerals are scarce and found only in certain asteroids: So fight over them. Etc. etc. etc.

He also failed to note that the mineral asteroids are all slowly moving to the center of the board. ORB seems to be designed to be a skirmish-fest.

Picked it up today. I loved conquest and that got about the same scores.

I loved Homeworld so I am sure ill find something to like in ORB :)

If you wanna play coop or multi with me, drop me a line!

It’s a good game overall, although the graphics were let me down a bit.

I agree, mostly for the artistic style used. On a technical level the visuals are nice.

Is there a skirmish mode? Can you pause the game easily and give orders while it’s paused? And what’s this about the 2D map being the best way to give orders? I don’t mind that so much, but I’d like to have some time to switch to 3D and watch shit blow up too. Thanks,