O.R.B. is cool!

Yes, it’s a lot like homeworld, but the way the resource gathering is handled keeps the battles and positioning in the field a part of the battle. Resources can go from plentiful to zilch if you don’t plan things right.

The battles are also a lot of fun so far. I’ve only been playing skirmish against some ‘very easy’ AI. First big fight the AI brought a friggin fleet of smaller fighters n such. They wiped out my advanced fighter force of seven ships and proceeded to chase my carrier around. I got my capital ship into the action and with the help of a few Defenders I was able to barely drive back the force. My capital assault ship is pretty much wrecked tho. Gonna have to give shields time to recharge and repairs to be made. Only trouble I might have is when my resource astroid drifts closer to either of the AI. I can’t survive another attack like that.

I got a lot of researching done so its just a matter of smart resourcing and good attacks.

Really fun RTS so far. Of course I thought Conquest was awesome too. Not many people AGREED with me :evil:

Yeah, this one is on my list to get. Damn, all these space RTS games coming out, is making me dizzy. I’m waiting for Hegemonia to come in. Then there’s O.R.B, Homeworld2, IG3 etc

I liked Conquest - it was well-designed and quite polished. My only complaint was that it felt TOO much like a standard RTS, of which there were a good ten trillion at the time (and afterward).

Yeah Conquest is pretty typical RTS fare, but the resource system, cool explosions, and sector based maps added enough to the mix to keep me interested. Plus the ships really blew up nicely.