Obama ahead, 15-6

Official poll results from Dixville Notch, NH:

Obama: 15
McCain: 6
Nader: 0

I don’t think they’ve ever chosen a Democrat. I guess…good news?

Now, how did Hart’s Location vote?

I am so not looking forward to waking up in 4 hours. It’s suppose to rain too -_-.

Virginia is doomed. Yea it’s racist, but city blacks arn’t going to wait in the rain. They will melt.

Hart’s Location:

Obama 17
McCain 10
Paul 2

In the bag.

First time Dixville Notch has gone Democratic since 1968. Oh please, oh please let this be a trend.

Oh ffs.

The stranger’s blog has some awesome voting reports up.

On Thursday I opened up my absentee ballot and filled in everything but the presidential race. Then I called over my 6-year old daughter and she laid her hand on top of mine as together we drew the line connecting the arrow to cast the vote for Barack Obama.

Kirsti Thomas
Tacoma, WA

This is great news. Not because it means anything, but because the spasms of uncontrollable rage have already begun on Free Republic.

No kidding.

Aw damn, it is raining. Whine and complain. WHINE AND COMPLAIN.

Picks up umbrella.

Where can I find a map online with how many vote each person has per state?
(I’ve looked at cnn.com but I’m not sure if that’s their predictions I’m looking at or the actual results)

There won’t be any actual results for twelve or thirteen hours from now at the absolute earliest (well, other than those two tiny villages in New Hampshire).

I figured that could be why I can’t find anything yet ;)

Well that was anti-climactic, my first vote and where are the fireworks?

Richmond City Richmond, in and out in 10 minutes. There was maybe only a 15 minute wait outside the door which seems disappointing to me. Center of Richmond on a college campus?

The longest wait was waiting for the little old lady to find my name on the sheet with both a ruler and a magnifying glass! Jesus Christ Richmond, how long is she going to last?

Thanks all for reminding me to visit freerepublic.com for the first time. Man, that place is awesome! It almost reads like political satire, but it’s not! From the headlines, to the usernames, profiles, Obamageddon fan fic, the lot, awesome!

I like the speculation that the stock market plummeted recently as a deliberate ploy to improve Obama’s chances, or the other speculation that it’s popping back up because the brokers have secret polling showing that Obama is going to lose, because “why would the markets be happy about a socialist getting in?”. Guess Freepers don’t read the Economist. Or have two braincells to rub together.

While it might not have been historically predictive of how greater NH will vote, the fact that a town that has never gone democratic since 1968 overwhelming went to Obama certainly provides some insight into how the greater election may go.

1968 huh? How’d that work out?

I’ve dwelt in Dixville Notch for many long happy years.

Awesome. Dixville Notch only has 19 registered voters.

EDIT: According to that site, there are 19 registered voters. After further investigation, I’m thinking that site may be full of shit.

Quiet, you!