Obama buys 30 Minutes of network television time

And what might this be about? I don’t really have a guess as to what the format or content will be, the era in which politicians used to do this kind of thing was before my time.

It could be overkill, but he’s usually at his best alone and unfiltered.


I’m sure he’s going to tell us he used the money from those phony donors to buy his dog ‘Chess.’

I bet that the word “maverick” isn’t uttered once.

Maybe he’s written a pilot.

“Obama Live at Madison Square Garden: Let the Bitches Cry”

He wants to talk to you about timeshare opportunities in Florida.

Also, It’ll be a huge ratings draw.

“First Annual Obama & Family National Halloween Party”

I remember when Lyndon Larouche would do things like this way before H. Ross Perot took it to the next level.

I wonder how much a 30 second commercial will cost.

No commercials. He’s bought the time block.

I guess it’s okay to announce now that I’ll be taking over the Bea Arthur role as Ackmena.

If he really wanted to win votes, he’d buy an hour and bring back Firefly.

What if it’s some sort of “Obama after Hours” type program? :-)

The buy will push CBS comedy “The New Adventures of Old Christine” to 8:30 p.m. and pre-empt “Gary Unmarried.” NBC typically airs the hourlong “Knight Rider” in the slot, and will likely throw in a comedy repeat at 8:30 p.m.

The public will never forgive him!

I would vote for him ONE MEEELION TIMES if he did that.

Now I want to see Obama put on a half-hour performance of ‘Chess’.

Maybe he’s bringing back the Fireside Chat.

What would be great is if he just recited from The Waste Land. That would truly be the best thing ever.