Obama on this week with Stephanopalous (sp)

Just watched Obama on the ABC Sunday morning show. Just a super interview, and he answered the tougher questions in a very direct, intelligent, thoughtful way. Confirmed my good feelings about this guy. One comment I liked a lot: George challenged him on his response in the debate about what he’d do if the country was attacked in two cities at once, about not sounding tough enough. His reply was very intelligent and thoughtful and correct (IMO) and then he said “We’ve had lots of tough talk for the sake of tough talk: no one is a tougher talker than George Bush but I doubt people are happy with the actions.” Paraphrase on my part.

The after discussion with George, Kokie (sp?), George Will, Sam Donaldson is also good (going on now.) One good point: 90% of the people who wouldn’t vote for an African American wouldn’t vote for a Democrat anyway. Donaldson is clearly a Hillary fan, and said America wants a politician and not the “non-politician politician” and Will laughed and said “He’s not only a politician, he’s a Chicago politician!” George Will also made the point that America, much like in 1980, is really ready for a real change, and Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton doesn’t feel like a real change, and that Hillary’s new strategy of getting Bill more involved to take advantage of his popularity to make up for her lack, may backfire for a country that is really looking for a true change. The panel seemed to agree that is where Obama could have the greatest chance: the country is ready for a change, Congress’s latest approval rating was as low as Bush’s, and Obama really can effectively present a vision of a “new America” much better than anyone else in the race. They also mentioned that America is really pissed off and tired of the partisanship/divide, and recent polls show they blame both parties equally. Even Donaldson, who clearly likes Hillary, said that Hillary is clearly a polarizing figure, even within her own party, and Obama clearly has the best image as a potential uniting figure.

Good stuff.

I think she spells it “Cokie”.

According to the podcast on my ipod - “Stephanopoulos”.
“G-Step” to his homies.

Anybody read G-Steps book about his Clinton days? He basically blamed Hillary for every bad instinct coming out of the Administration. Right up until Bill stuck a cigar in a intern.

Steph’s book is actually really interesting. A bit sleazy, because he’s all Yay I’m An Evil Political Operative, but interesting.

Yeah, it is a fascinating book. When you read insider accounts of the Clinton presidency, you rarely see anyone say a lot of good about Hillary’s political side, even amongst Bill fans. Sometimes it’s blatant, sometimes it’s subtle, depending on how much the writer is a Clinton insider.

…And why is she the perceived frontrunner again?

Her one large inititive - Healthcare - was a complete botch. Not just the GOP’s spin of it. She conducted all of her hearings in secret and struck a deal with the insurance companies rather than open hearings and moving towards a single payer system. Is there any indication that she has gotten any better?

She is the frontrunner because Bill Clinton built the most powerful political machine in the Democratic party during his tenure. She’s riding that machine. Recent article, about 2 months ago, was it the NYT?, that talked about Bill Clinton’s passion and craving to be in the spotlight again and how he feels that if Hillary is president, most will see him as the “Co-President.”

Yep. People who are considering Hillary are deep down inside trying to reelect Bill.