Obamacare is the law of the land


Let’s debate the merits of the tastiness of various fast food delicacies while complaining about how expensive health insurance/care is in the country. (Personally, I am still a taco bell junkie - hey there are no good Mexican restaurants where I live.)


I still eat taco bell, and I live in the midst of some of the best mexican food you’ll find. It’s a comfort food thing.


Taco Bell is NOT Mexican food. Jesus wept.


I don’t think anyone is saying it is.


I heard an NPR story a year or so ago tracking kids that grew up in the US but were deported to Mexico. There were many sad observations that they made. More than one mentioned how they missed Taco Bell–there just wasn’t anything like it in Mexico.


I’ve never understood it either. Its a chicken patty on a stale bun with a pickle on it. Big whoop.

Go try BoJangles. You won’t go back to Chick Filet.


We are #12 highest ranking of any large country.



California, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut are suing the Trump administration over the CSR cutoff.


Bojangles? Fuck that shit! Popeye’s is where it’s at.


Not to totally remove personal responsibility from choices people make on food - but the food industry is complicit in the obesity epidemic

From 2004 but still relevant:

and lobbyist impact on dietary guidelines:


As if people check the guidelines before having the double whopper with cheese, large fries and a 48oz coke.


I do have a 6 month old, but knock on wood, he hasn’t needed any emergency care yet. When he has problems, we call his pediatrician’s office, and they advise us on what to do. When he has problems outside of business hours, they gave us some clinics nearby that handle infants, but we checked the hours on all of those clinics, none of them are open 24 hours, but basically only most people’s office hours, which is kind of worthless. So outside of office hours, we only have the ER as an option for him.

If some of those clinics are Urgent Care places, then I don’t really get it. I mean, during those hours, we can take him to the pediatrician’s office next to the hospital too, and they know his history much better than the clinics do. Why would we take them to the clinics instead?


Because not everything happens M-F 8-5. But you are right, the clinics do vary in hours and locations. But having seen an ER (too many times really) it is one of the last places I would take anyone who wasn’t seriously hurt.


Why would they be getting the small coke?


I forget which place I was in but I asked for a medium coke, expecting a 24oz drink and they handed me this big cup. And I asked isn’t this a large and he said, this was a large, and he showed me this cup four people could drink from.


The medium at BK is 30oz. It’s a little much, lol.

I do appreciate it though since I always get unsweet tea and I can never get enough of that.


This happens to me quite a bit. Some places have “medium” drinks that are gigantic.

I keep getting caught on the idea that there should be a phone app that (thanks to Bluetooth connections in cars) will push an alert to your dashboard screen when you go into a drive-thru that will tell you whether or not the medium drink at this place is actually a single human medium.


I get the 32oz because, well, half of it is ice anyway and so it sits on my desk all afternoon long. But I only do that about once a week, and yea, it’s for diet reasons.


What the heck is this? Did you make it up?