Obamacare is the law of the land



The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report on cancer and obesity last week, highlighting that cancers associated with overweight and obesity, including thyroid, liver, kidney, and ovarian cancer, constitute 40% of cancers diagnosed in the USA, with over 630 000 diagnoses in 2014 alone. The study looked at data from the United States Cancer Statistics for 2005-2014. Disparities between sexes in the rates of cancers associated with obesity are especially stark, with 55% of all cancers diagnosed in women being associated with overweight and obesity, compared with only 24% of cancers in men.


It’s iced tea. Pretty much anywhere in the south if you say “I’ll have an (iced) tea” you’ll get sweet tea though, so I just got in the habit.

Still get sweet tea sometimes too. :P

For further review if you’ve somehow never heard of iced tea:

And if it was a joke, yeah, I didn’t notice. :P


Our dietary guidelines are stupid and have been for decades. Our society puts way too much emphasis on fats and promotes carbohydrates, which just get converted to fats if you eat more than you need. Of course, eating fats with carbs together in quantity is even worse,


Yeah, it wasn’t the “tea” half of the phrase that I was questioning. I grew up in Louisiana, lived in the south until I was thirty. I’m pretty sure there’s not actually any such thing as unsweet tea.


Yeah I have a book all about the first dietary guidelines and how they were always political and lobby driven.



Sometimes I just have to make it myself, but luckily Florida != Louisiana


Pfft. Walk into Cracker Barrel and tell them you want iced tea. They will respond with “sweet or unsweet?”


I wish I could drink sweet tea. It’s so much better than the stevia-laced sadness I make myself to stave off my inevitable obesity-related demise by a few months at the end.


Isn’t ChickFilA’s claim to fame that they put pickle juice in the batter? Big whoop.


I see your Pfft and raise you a Pshaw - there are no Cracker Barrels in the PNW. You aren’t going to pull one over on me that easily.


Yes, but you lived in the south until you were thirty. And I know we prefer not to claim them, but Oregon is PNW too.


I did, and I love Cracker Barrel. My wife not so much, so even when I visit I don’t get to eat there. And are you telling me there are Cracker Barrels in Oregon? Where, man?


I just put it in a google search and one in Oregon came up.


Sweet, right outside Portland! I got to plan my next getaway. Uh, you guys can resume talking about healthcare, I’m trying to figure out how much deep fried crap I can shove down my gullet.


North Carolina is one of the states suing due to a Dem AG.


I’ve lived in Texas for too long and bear witness to the scourge of sweet tea moving west. For a long time there was never such a thing as sweet tea. The world was right and pulley bones still existed. Then the sweet tea moved west, and … happens, and then Trump is president. Coincidence?


I’m fairly ignorant when it comes to food - I always read the labels and buy low-fat, low-calorie stuff (which is difficult) but even so I kinda regret linking that piece. The one before it - the Frontline piece - shows how the food industry packages “low fat” but high calorie foods such as Snackwell cookies that have more calories than Oreo cookies. Things like that have gotten me in the past. I can’t find the piece I read some time ago and the details are fuzzy - so I probably should find it first before I mangle it badly. :D


Yeah, a lot of low-fat foods end up equal or higher in calories because of all the other stuff they add to try and improve the taste and texture. When I was a kid, my mom used to buy what they called “ice milk” back in those days, which was terribad low-fat ice cream. I used to drench that stuff in syrup, etc. to try and cover up the nasty taste. Would have been much better off with a controlled portion of the real thing.


I have no idea why anyone would do that.


West is generally bluer, so I propose that sweet tea is a civilizing force for good.