Obamacare is the law of the land


I am not sure what you’re ranting about, but ACA got rid of the maximums, and I think that was a good thing. Is that what you are asking about? However, the idea that you can just cash yourself down to cheaper prices is not… realistic unless you are only thinking of small bills. Hint, most people don’t expect or plan for the big ones. They just hope their insurance covers it. It’s a sticker shock for someone on the high deduct plan.


I think most people understand that a night in a hospital will eat up your deductible. I think they also understand that if it’s a serious illness or injury, they will receive continuing treatment and they can’t be kicked off the plan or see their rates go up. I had ACA coverage for a year or so, and I knew that if I broke an arm or was in an accident and had to ride in an ambulance to the hospital, I’d be paying for the first $6000 and have to go on a repayment plan. But I also knew that if I had a coronary or a stroke and was in the hospital for a week or two, instead of owing $100,000+ and being in debt the rest of my life, I’d be covered.

Private insurance isn’t working when your rates can be jumped and they can decline to cover you.

We just need single payer. Let the government run healthcare and be a jobs provider. They can push down labor costs a bit that way, and push down medication costs too.


Well I’ve made my opinion on this matter pretty clear in the pass. I basically came in here to correct the false assumption that most contracted high deductible plans don’t get contracted rates. That is simply not true.


And thank goodness for that.


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You know what. Fuck you. I am giving facts here, not opinions. A misstatement was made, and I provided information. And it’s not something I pulled from some news article or some talking point from a favorite politician. Most, if not all, high deductible plans still get a contracted rate. And while anyone is free to pursue cash discounts, no provider has to actually provide them.

I certainly don’t have to get on this board and provide information that I know, and I am certainly entitled to an opinion that you don’t approve of. So get off your high horse you son of the bitch and back the fuck off.




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I have to kind of admire the balls of this plan by Trump. Force everyone’s rates to go up this year by a lot. Once everyone’s pocketbooks are being squeezed, they will become more amenable to whatever shitty plan they try to jam down our throats next year, as long as Premiums go down.


I would have “admired” it more if it was the first time he did it, but I feel like he did the exact same thing with DACA.

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I fear that if this works, he will just continue to do it.


I think this is kind of a large scale gom jabbar (yeah that’s right) test to see who will jerk their hand out of the box first. Logically it would seem to be the one who faces the greatest repercussions. Polls seem to indicate that there’s consensus, even between dems and repubs, that Trump owns ACA, and he’s been talking about blowing it up if things don’t go his way. Wonder if we’ll see any of his constituency turn on him if they feel the burn.


It’s time like this when I wonder how this is being covered by Fox News. It’s all fine and good to be on the fact-based community side, but I’m curious to see what the other side is being fed. Sometimes truth does peek through over there. Hopefully they’ll have some panelists who will get the word out to Fox News viewers too.


Form what I’ve seen, Fox spins it right down the GOP line - the subsidies were illegal and this will offer the middle class a choice of providers and coverage types.


You certainly win the prize for this very fitting reference.


Republicans might be more amenable to a deal, but not Democrats. Higher premiums mean an angrier electorate in 2018, and a greater likelihood of taking Congress. I mean, the ads write themselves: “Are you better off now than two years ago?”

Likewise, the GOP has lost whatever credibility it had left on health care. The Democratic refrain will be that whatever new GOP plan is, it will raise rates just like the last one did.


Yea, what little I have seen pretty much follows this line, although in the panel shows you do get the occasional “Why haven’t they (meaning the GOP) come up with anything else?”.


Republicans will blame the higher rates on Obamacare. They won’t fool everyone, but they will fool a lot.


And somehow they’ll manage to couple Obamacare with “the gay agenda,” “the war on religion” and Black Lives Matter if any of the faithful should waver.