Obamacare is the law of the land


Hey, bipartisan agreement in the Senate.

Grownups in the room.

Hopefully this includes CHIP funding, or at least clears the path for that.


WASHINGTON — Two leading senators have reached a bipartisan deal to provide funding for critical subsidies to health insurers that President Trump said last week that he would cut off, Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, said Tuesday.

The plan agreed to by Mr. Alexander and Senator Patty Murray of Washington, a Democrat, is intended to stabilize health insurance markets under the Affordable Care Act.

As one part of the deal, the subsidies would be funded for two years, a step that would provide at least short-term certainty to insurers. The subsidies, known as cost-sharing reductions, lower out-of-pocket costs for low-income consumers.


So how does Trump sign a deal that bolsters Obamacare and then declare victory? This will be interesting.


“My Executive Order forced the senate to make this excellent deal that I pushed them for.”


“United Healthcare stock up 6% today! Trump economy is going to be sick of all the winning!”


Exactly. He will take credit for forcing them into action, and for once in his presidency, it won’t be a lie.



And this is how Trump got elected.

Murray and Alexander have been working on this for nearly two months and were close to agreement on these same terms long before Trump did anything.

But yes, even back-handedly, Trump gets credit… great.


Trump seems to lead by forcing things to happen, rather than by coming up with actual plans. His actions force the congress to react in some way.

It would be nice if congress actually sat down, came together and improved the system, but that is surely to much to ask.


Handclaps, everyone:

Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander have been working on this for two months…


Don’t mistake what I said as giving praise to Trump. Causing national consternation and worry is no way to run a country. I just wonder if it is the way he runs his business.

I want “X”, so you guys figure out how to give it to me. He never seems to actually have his own ideas of how to resolve anything.


That is pretty huge. Great job by Murray, getting that restored.


I saw a breakdown of the bill and it looks pretty good. At least 2 more years, a lower tier available for those over 30 and more money for outreach and establishing state programs.


Just so I got this straight, this was the compromise bill these two have been hashing out the last couple times Trump and McConnell said “Nah fuck you guys, we’re going to take another pass at repealing ACA”?


Would “complete lie” have been better? I’m not giving him credit. I was simply agreeing with you on how he will take credit. Kindly don’t insinuate I voted for that monster.


Pretty much, yes. I imagine that if anything, Trump’s idiocy gave Murray leverage to insist on the outreach money restoration.


Am I misremembering, or weren’t there also some changes to duration of openenrollment before? Or does that also fit into the outreach category?


I’m really happy to see this bill, but fucking christ this is all a bunch of retardation.

Everything about our government is just layers upon layers of idiocy at this point.


I believe the open enrollment window was shortened…although it’s still I think 4 or 6 weeks.


What’s great is that for the past week, Patty Murray’s been able to look a sober, wants-to-govern (if very conservative) senator like Lamar Alexander in the eye and say “Who do you think is gonna own this thing when the exchanges collapse and premiums go through the roof?”

And Senator Alexander has had to acknowledge that yep, it’s gonna be Republicans.

The Negotiator-in-chief cut him off at the knees.