Obamacare is the law of the land


Hopefully this will keep rates from skyrocketing as much, even for those that don’t qualify for assistance, by keeping more healthy folks in the markets.


This was the bill Murray and Alexander were working on and it got squashed when Graham and Cassidy decided to kill the ACA one last time before the reconciliation deadline passed.

Trump had zero to do with this except throw the individual insurance markets into turmoil and cause a lot of people on the margins unnecessary grief and heartache.

As far as premiums rising - they have always risen and will continue to do so for as long as we have our free market based health insurance.

P.S. My eyes are dilated and it’s really hard to read but hopefully this isn’t terribly mangled.


Err, what about the House’s say in all of this? Are they going to go along with anything that keeps “The Worst Law in US History” afloat?


Now that Dear Leader has thrown his support behind it, I imagine they will. Hell, they’re the ones in the most immediate danger, and we’ve already had two lame duck Republicans (Dent and Ros-Lehtinen) denounce the CSR executive order, and another who’s in trouble (Curbelo) do the same.

Still, not a slam dunk. These are very stupid people, representing very stupid constituencies.


Surely you mean The Great Leader (since the Dear Leader was Kim Jong Il’s moniker). ;-)


No. I’m comparing idiot demagogues, thanks.


Ron Johnson:

Translation: “Man are we ever fucked.”


I suppose, now that you mention it, the Dear Leader works better in that regard. And in the minds of the Trumpistas, he’s the successor to Ronald Reagan or something, so the parallel works there too.


“Remember how much it sucked, touching that third rail? How about let’s not do that again for a bit.”


2018 premium are already set, approved by the various state insurance commission and will go on sale Nov 1… A consumer who is eligible for a CSR would still get their co-pays reduced in 2018. Money is fungible and the effect next year would be to reduce health insurance company profits by $7 billion * (1- the marginal corporate tax rate average)

It is 7 billion spread out of 7 million eligible folks which is $1,000 per person or $83/month. If insurance companies are raising the rates more than that they are just being greedy. The CBO analysis is pretty silly, and given the CBO past track record on the fiscal impact of ACA.

At the end of the day the analysis is pretty simply we the taxpayer aren’t giving the $7 billion to the insurance companies that they thought they were getting, but Congress hasn’t allocated money for since 2014. Yes, they’ll probably premium to compensate for the lost revenue. But this is a basically an accounting issue.


KFF came to the same conclusion as the CBO.

The average silver premium for a 30 year old in 2017 was $365 per month. An extra $83 per month is a significant increase.

Except if the rates of silver plans increase, then the government is obligated to increase subsidies as well. And this will end up costing more than the amount saved by not paying the CSR.

Hopefully, wiser heads will prevail in Congress.


I could respect the idea that they don’t like the way Obamacare works and that they thought there were a better way to do it if they had actually come up with a legitimate alternative in all the years they spent swearing to get rid of it. But, I suppose they could use this as a stop-gap until they come up with something else.


LOL, there will be nothing else.


I don’t think so either. It just pisses me off when the republicans insist that ACA is awful and no one wants it, without having come up with a single better suggestion in all this time.


The issue is that people still don’t understand that Republicans as a whole do not want to reform health care. They want to give money to the ultra rich. That is why there never will be a real health care reform bill from Republicans, because their goals are fundamentally different.


Pretty sure everyone here gets that. In the general public, sure.


Murkowski and Tim Kaine have signed onto the Alexander/Murray bill as co-sponsors…but sounds like Trump is currently off the bus.


Gonna ride that rocket right into the turf…


Awwww, damn it. You guys got me all excited yesterday.


So far, we’ve got a couple of fairly big states and state’s AG joining into a suit against Trump for sabotaging Obamacare.

Here’s why they may have a case.