Obamacare is the law of the land


This exactly. I am in the same state as Rock8man. I am not eligible for any subsidies. My individual plan went from $670/ month this year to $1,000+ next year.

I hate the GOP.


A Victory Lap for Obamacare at the Ballot Box - The Atlantic


Seems unlikely to me that they’ll be able to win a fight that boils down to “religious freedom” vs “gender discrimination”. But I hope I’m wrong.


Here we go…


Man, it’s like they actively WANT the thing to lose votes and fail.


I wouldn’t put that out of the realm of possibility; right now, the GOP has a LOT being hung around their necks that they’ll have to deal with come midterms. Being able to fight back with “Democrats blocked tax savings for everyone!” at least gives them SOMETHING in the barrel.



Jesus fucking christ, now I gotta start calling my senators every day… again.
I honestly probably wouldn’t have bothered about just the tax bill, even though I thought it was bullshit. I was considering calling them, but apparently now I gotta.


This is fantastic news. If the Senate is rolling Obamacare Repeal/Tax Cuts into one bill then it’s clear that it’s not intended to pass. It’s a symbolic gesture so they can roll into the 2018 elections pointing at their noble (completely infeasible) attempts to pass things their base wanted but were blocked by evil evil democrats.


Wait I don’t get this, Republicans have been talking in apocalyptic terms, like if they don’t get this tax bill passed they may as well hang it up. There was an article I read last week I think, that donors were telling Congressfolk not to even bother calling if they don’t get tax reform passed. But now they’re trying to duck it?


Their thinking is likely, “What are the donors going to do, support Democrats?”


Well there’s a third option though, right? Close up the wallet and go home?


Shhh! Don’t tell the GOP and let them keep pissing off their supporters!


They are saying they have the votes by the whip count and aren’t getting any objections on repealing the mandate from their side. Hopefully that’s just bluster to dissuade any dissenters. We’ll see.


Trump is really an evil dick. He’s willing to make millions suffer because of his hatred for Obama.


And it basically stems from Obama making fun of him at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, right?


Psst, I think the real reason is a bit…darker.


Well yeah, that too.


Yeah, it’s actually both, I think. He looked intensely uncomfortable at that dinner, but it was after that that his whole “birther” involvement (which, don’t get me wrong, is ridiculously racist) started.


So this is the senate adding the ACA change, right? Do you really think the house GOP will go along with the change? Won’t they end up just negotiating it out of the final bill?

It’s almost as if they want to fail.

Do you think this is being added to force the republicans in states like New York and California to vote for the tax bill?