Obamacare is the law of the land


When this is all said and done, I seriously think that Trump and his cronies just need to have all of their wealth confiscated by the government.

I recognize that there are problems with such things, but that’s what my gut is saying.


The RICO giveth and the RICO taketh away.


Asset forfeiture turned around onto Trump would be a nice comeuppance.


I have a very biblical fantasy that i want to enact, very Old Testament.

Condemn Trump to being followed for the rest of his life, and on pain of death, forbid anyone from trading with him except by barter. He cannot use money in any way directly ever again.

If he wants to exchange his Rolex for a cheeseburger or a basket of groceries, that’s fine. But he cannot use cash, a credit card, gold or silver, bitcoin, or any other recognizable form of currency. He has to live the rest of his life bartering for goods and services.


/looks at tax plan and it’s -$1.5 trillion

Yeah… about that.


I think the actual rule is revenue neutral after ten years. That’s why the Bush tax cuts were designed to disappear after 10 years. I think the current plan is to remove the individual tax cuts for middle-income people in 2027, but keep the corporate and high-income tax cuts.


Here’s an excellent Vox video on the cost and price of health care in the US. Without using any fancy econ terms like inelastic demand, Ezra lays out the big picture problem with health cost and price in the US. It’s really quite good, and something that a person without a lot of econ knowledge can understand easily. This video is a good example of something you could send to friends and relatives who are “liberal-curious” on health care and give them some good info.


Not a bad video but… He starts of showing show public vs private spending and shows that private spending exceeds public spending. But here is the thing, last time I ran the numbers about 110-125 million out of 326 were covered entirely by the public systems. There are some folks like Veterans which are often covered by both, and how Medicare advantage spending is it treated (public or private) is a mystery to me.

So simply showing that we spend more in private spending doesn’t make his case that US government is more efficient at delivering health care than the private sector. What matter is the per capita spending. I’ve previously posted data (like all healthcare data it needs salt), that showed single payer, single providers system like the VA had the highest per capita spending, Social Security was modestly above the average $10,300 and Medicaid was slightly below.

Now as it was pointed out, it is also not fair to compare the cost of seniors, and veterans health care and the population at whole. I’ll readily agree that other countries governments provide the same or better healthcare than the private sector in the US. It just that I’ve not seen good data that shows the same thing is true in the US.

Just for grins, I looked at military spending per armed force personal. Once again the US tops the list $460K vs $250K France, Germany and $380K UK and Russia at $70K. I’d say that in this case the money the US government is well spent, so not everything the US government spends is wasteful.


Yeah that comparison of public versus private sector in the US was both inaccurate and somewhat disingenuous, so I will give Ezra Klein 10 demerits for that. However, I do think the overall point is correct and the video is helpful.

What that chart really shows is that the US is bad at controlling health care prices, full stop. We really need systemic reform to properly take on the health care pricing issue.


The Trump plan to torpedo Obamacare is working well I see,

Our 2017 plan is no longer offered and the “equivalent” plan is 50% more expensive and has FAR worse coverage.

The market is now saturated with “basic” plans that give people the “freedom” to choose coverage so worthless that it was inadmissible under Obamacare previously,



SMBC has a big long comic up today that’s basically just a blog post about how the current US system is screwing small business owners in their neck of the woods. Massive costs, only one provider, rules that make no sense for subsidies. No surprise to those of us who have been following the policy, but this may reach a good number of people who haven’t been.



Collins looks pretty weak over this whole thing, IMHO. She’s clearly trying to stay middle enough to keep Maine voters and her donors both happy, but all it really looks like is that she’s A) dumb enough to believe McConnell’s promises and B) doesn’t understand how insurance works.


I’m sure Reddit will save us.



This is awful reporting on CNN’s part.

We do need some organization to protect us from ineffective and/or sham treatments.like laetrile cancer treatment, that ended up cost desperate people billions and killing lots of them.

Given that they did approve a more expensive treatment for her, it is not clear at all it is about saving Aetna money.

Good reporting would have been CNN calling up other insurance companies and seeing if they covered the treatment, along with investigating if it is been covered by Medicare, VA, and medicaid in various states.

For any type of treatment, there is a S-shaped adoption curve. It sounds like from Aetna description that we are pretty early in the cycle. It is easy reporting to make the insurance company look like the bad guy, and making life horrible for this pretty young girl.


Agreed. The other little tidbit hidden in the article was that the new procedure seems to work about 50% of the time whereas the the more invasive, more expensive, approved procedure works about 70% of the time.


I’m pretty sure laser ablation is not yet FDA-approved for epilepsy, it was only authorized for investigational use last year. And all insurance companies are reluctant to pay for experimental therapy, for obvious reasons.

So, yeah, garbage reporting by CNN.


Karma’s a bitch:


Well it does prove his thesis though. He said people who lead good lives, and Mo Brooks is very much the cowering GOPer who has not.


I’m sure he’s rather glad that he has a government-funded health insurance plan now.