Oblivian system requirements?

Does anyone know what the elder scrolls oblivian system requirements will be for PC yet? I’ve looked all over the bethesda elder scrolls site and also the forums there and can’t seem to find them. It’s only a month away so I’m assuming they know unless they’re just going to release it and patch to fit as need be. Does anyone know what you’ll need to run this? Both minimum and recomended would be good if there’s someone with inside knowledge.

I have ‘heard’ that if you could run Morrowind on high you can ‘run’ Oblivion. That isn’t the specs you were after I know but it gives you a rough idea.

I doubt that. I imagine at the least you’ll need a PS 2.0 card and a decent proc. I remember seeing a dev quote somplace (sorry, I forget exactly where it was) that said to run the game at full you’ll need a pretty rocking rig.

I think the biggest answer is given by the fact that they haven’t said the requirements yet. If the game is truely coming out in Nov. as they are still claiming the PC version will then they must know the basic requirements.

So they know them, but they haven’t said. Now there is only one reason I can think of - that they are insanely high. If they were low, or even middle they would announce them. I think their marketing department knows how Internet buzz can hype or kill a game and they are not releasing the specs becuase they want to minimize the amount of time for negative buzz to develop.

So basically I would say - prepare to be disappointed in the PC version. It will look pretty bad unless you have an exceptionally high end PC (and even then it will not look as good at the 360 version if press reports are accurate).

I doubt that. I imagine at the least you’ll need a PS 2.0 card and a decent proc. I remember seeing a dev quote somplace (sorry, I forget exactly where it was) that said to run the game at full you’ll need a pretty rocking rig.[/quote]

Note how I’m saying for it to ‘run’ and you’re saying ‘run the game at full’.

As long as their poly counts are reasonable, it shouldn’t take much. It’ll be one super ugly game though.

What’s your qualification of ‘run?’ If ‘run’ means “sure, it’ll load up and it’s an enjoyable slide-show” then yes, it may run. If “run” means “get a somewhat enjoyable experience.” It may not.

It depends on how much effort they put into scaling the game down. I was able to run Half Life 2 on a system that ran Morrowind on High and was quite happy with the results.

My hesitation on believing that the game will run on a machine that will run Morrowind on high comes from my belief that the game will want a PS2 minumum compliant card, which Morrowind did not. If they’ve made the shaders compatible with 1.x shaders, I might agree with you, but Battlefield 2 I think started the trend of dropping 1.x shaders all together.

At this point, all we’re doing is tilting at windmills. Maybe a Bethesda person will stop by and give an informed opinion.

That’s traditionally the meaning of ‘minimum system requirements’ on pc. Min spec is never ‘playable’. It’s runnable, which is altogether different.

To run the game fairly nicely, if you’ve got a 9800+ you’ll be fine. If you want the PS 3.0 effects like HDR and the like, you’ll need a 6800 or better. Processor power I’m less sure about, but I’d wager a 3ghz or equivalent would be alright. No less than a gig of ram.

You’ll need one of these.

One of what?

Would you like to play a nice game of chess?

The funny thing is, my cell phone probably has more processing power than the supercomputers of that era.

Yeah but your cell phone can’t launch global thermonuclear war and it wasn’t designed by Dr. Stephen Falken SO THERE

I check up on the official forums every once in a while and it sounds like they’re still tightening up the game’s performance, hence the lack of specs. For example, when one poster who had played the game at X05 complained that fog was a real problem (that is, visibility didn’t extend very far), a developer popped in and noted that they had only recently gotten in the level-of-detail system.

I’m guessing that we won’t know where the requirements truly lay until Oblivion is a week or two out from release though, official specs or no. Bethesda doesn’t exactly have a reputation for airtight game engines, after all.

^Doesn’t that happen with pretty much every game, though?

Apparently it will run well if you have:
[ul]3.2GHz tri-core CPU
512 MB of 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM
ATI GPU with 10MB embedded DRAM
12x dual-layer DVD-ROM
Multi-channel surround sound supporting 48KHz 16-bit audio
1280x720 widescreen display[/ul]

Denny, that could be your lamest post ever.


That would be awesome.

Also - I’d play it if it ran at 20fps on low. I’m not getting it for the graphics but for the AI (which will probably eat my CPU). Then again I use to run Morrowind on a k6-2 500 with a GeForce2mx.

Ah, the ol’ we won’t know smokescreen.

Here’s a translation from dev-speak to reality: The game, short of some miracle, will perform like shit. They are just delaying letting everyone know.