Oblivion 20 min of gameplay footage

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I just got done watching this and wow… I cant wait for this game.

It’s the staged dog and pony show they showed at E3. It does look amazing though.

What do you mean by that exactly? This doesn’t reflect anything REAL in the game or what?

They said it was dynamic, but the demo played out exactly the same every time, the woman always drank the potion, fireballed her dog, etc. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the game isn’t dynamic, just that the demo was very carefully massaged to remove variables so todd didn’t look stupid doing his presentation.

Imagine that, making a smooth demo. The thugs.

Mostly they just adjusted the characters’ AI so they’d be predictable in the demo. When they showed this demo to us at work, they told some funny stories about strange things the AI would do to fulfill its needs and wants. The NPCs are programmed to have daily lives, go around and make money and spend it as they wish. Some have more, some have less. However, at one point some NPCs amassed a lot of cash, and bought everything in town. Nothing was left for the other citizens of the village to buy to eat, so eventually they all ended up in the tavern, the only place you could buy food or drink that wouldn’t run out. So the entire town was crowded in the one room, and everyone was lined up to buy something at the bar, except one guy, who was crouched and sneaking around. Turns out that one guy was the least principled guy in town, and instead of buying food or drink, he was sneaking up to people who had just bought something and was pickpocketing their groceries off them.

I am firmly convinced this game will rock.

So… who wants to buy me a new computer so I can play this thing?

Also - that story is great Matt. It’s the AI that I really want to see in action.

The demo looks amazing, definitely. (I also found myself thinking “Darklands remake, please!” as I watched it; that would be fricking INCREDIBLE). Will be very keen to see how well they pull off their AI system.

Noticed that the player’s movements were all done very slowly and smoothly – no quick looks to the side, jerky movements, or anything that people actually do when they’re playing games. Is that a) because they’re trying to make a smooth-looking presentation, or b) because the engine is probably still a little rough, and they’re still ironing out some framerate issues, etc, or c) other?

In any event, if this is a good example of a next-gen launch title, count me in on the 360 this fall :)

As much as I would love for it to be true, I’m having a very difficult time believing that story. I hope I’m wrong though. It would be one of the most amazing feats of AI interaction within a game.

Anyways the presentation looked very good except for some minor quibbles: facial animations, animation transitions, and excessive loading.

so, is there a high quality version that isn’t a torrent? I do completely loathe a bit torrent

So, the big question to me is, will this be available for the PC this year or only on the 360? I can’t see myself shelling out that much money for a new Xbox when I have yet to find more than a half-dozen original Xbox games I like, and of those several are also on the PC.

I have this sneaky feeling that the Xbox 360 version will ship in November and the PC version sometime in March or later…please say it ain’t so!

The last time around the PC edition shipped first.

I found Morrowind to be a festering pile of shit, but I’m happy to give Oblivion a fair chance to please me. The new computer I just bought will likely run it just fine, and it sounds like with the focus on the AI system, most of what seriously irked me about Morrowind won’t be an issue.

That forest looks amazing.

That was undoubtedly canned. It remains to be seen whether or not the final product will be anywhere near as impressive.

Also, keep in mind that almost everybody is using SpeedTree for their next generation games, so start getting used to the idea of seeing forests and vegetation like that… :P

They’re still talking publicly about a simultaneous launch for both versions, but considering the sales potential of launch titles, I’d guess they’d drop work on the PC version to finish the 360 one if there’s a chance it won’t be out the day the 360 ships.

It was very surprised that Activision will release Call of Duty 2 for the PC a month before the 360 is available, considering it’s also a launch title.

Several months ago Bethesda claimed the PC version was content finished near the beginning of the year, and they had spent months just debugging and testing it. Said that they could release the PC version around October 1st if they wanted to, and the only thing holding up the 360 version was the arrival of final dev kits. If they want to do a simultaneous, I’m pretty sure they can.

I don’t think anyone ever said anything of the sort.

Sounds good to me.

So forests are the new sewers? Cool.

Too bad the combat still looks like ass. So much for focusing on it, it looks nearly indistinguishable from Morrowind’s combat. And what’s with all the foot sliding in third person? What is this, 1999?