Oblivion 20 min of gameplay footage

The combat looks fine. TES is all about exploration and character building, anyway.

Character building… through combat.

I’m all about playing diplomats. Who needs combat?

But spending all that time bartering, and complimenting people wasn’t exactly an exciting game mechaninc in Morrowind was it?

But spending all that time bartering, and complimenting people wasn’t exactly an exciting game mechaninc in Morrowind was it?[/quote]
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I haven’t looked more forward to a game since Ultima VII.

me either.

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Bethesda should put that in their ads… coming from desslock that’s a pretty damn strong endorsement.

Ditto in a big way. The most impressive thing is that the game’s visuals–as awesome as they are–aren’t even the thing that excites me most about Oblivion. The AI sounds really fantastic–whether the stuff in that demo is scripted or not. I suspect that it is; developers usually like games to behave predictably in demos, and in that particular case they had to squash a whole bunch of different AI activities into a short period of time. But that was still a great showcase for how the AI will behave in the real game.

Conversation also seems streamlined, and more natural than Morrowind’s. It helps a lot that there is voice acting for all of it.

This is my #1 most anticipated game right now.

I think it really tells us something significant that everyone here is looking forward to the more natural immersion and interest that a living AI will promote, over fancy graphics. I’d probably buy Oblivion even if it was set in space or Gibson’s Japan, just for this Radiant AI thing.

Let’s be real though, the graphics don’t hurt. I mean, I can date a girl who I really find intellectually interesting … but if she’s hot, I’m not gonna complain.

Oh it’s my #1 most anticipated game too, no doubt, but comparing it to U7… that’s some heavy shit. I had the U7 map from CGW hanging on my wall for months before the game came out.

Maybe it’ll have a great story, and the environments certainly do look incredible, but what part of going up into some burly chick’s attic to watch her shoot arrows at her wall and set her own dog on fire on purpose is compelling?

And wow, the melee combat is still just waving your ghost weapon across the screen. Hasn’t anyone at Bethesda played God of War?

If I allowed myself, I could be super hyped for Oblivion as well. But for a game with so much potential like this, I’d rather just not think about it much at all until it’s released. I really don’t wanna be let down for a game of this magnitude.

The closer we move to creating a game that solves a Turing test, the happier I’ll be.

Actually, that’s not quite accurate. I don’t want the NPCs in games to act like real people. I want them to act like real people who are being paid as professional actors to role play a certain part. No, even further. I want them to somehow believe they are a smith who lives in a small village, and have appropriate wants, needs, lusts, desires, compassions, and emotions.

Can you imagine a game with a quiet, despressed book store clerk, who you watch through the window eating his soup alone in his crappy hut, or a noble knight who you spy on and catch rigging his opponent’s lance in the upcoming joust so he can win? Unscripted? AI that would have realistic reactions if you just walked into their house?

You know, I once said that about a little disaster called Ultima 9… and considering Bethesda’s track record, it’ll be a goddamned miracle if they can pull off the simple task of immersion, let alone touch Ultima 7.

But she chose to do it! Intelligently! …

I’m not sure if you’re serious or just trolling, but given that one of the most frequent complaints about Morrowind was the fact that the NPCs didn’t really do anything other than stand around waiting to give out information, this criticism is pretty funny.

Make its combat like God of Wars? Man I’m glad you had nothing to do with this game…

Yeah, God of War was such a renowned RPG.

I played God of War like a religion. Maybe you missed it, but God of War was 3rd person. Honestly, I’m curious, what is combat supposed to look like?