Oblivion, ahole article

Didn’t see this in any of those other Oblivion posts but thought it was pretty funny:


A funny article ruined by NSFW attached at the bottom. Fuck you, SA. :(

What are doing looking at SA at work? Trying to get to Horrors of Porn or something?

Photoshop phriday is worth getting a few NSFW links thrown up at you…
Just bookmark it and you should be safe.

Know what I liked about that article…? No? Me either.

Yeah I was waiting the entertainment value, too. Any entertainment value. A total waste of time.

I got a chuckle out of NPCs staring at walls…because it’s true! There must be something they see that I just don’t. Worrisome.

All that clutter reminded me of how NPCs will sit down at a table and knock half the stuff flying to the floor without batting an eye. I was almost shocked when I saw one guy get up and walk over to something knocked off and bent to pick it up, but then he just stood up and looked at the wall. Damn walls again!

Oh come on now you know you want that issue of Big Girls.

Acetone is a pretty shitty writer IMO. I’d like to see David Thorpe do it though, interesting premise.

As with most everything else on SA, it’s not very funny

It read like a poor man’s OMM.

an extremely poor mans OMM

If I have an interaction with an NPC I don’t like, I’ll go jump on their table and run back and forth, knocking everything onto the floor. It usually makes me feel a little better even if the other people don’t seem to care.

This would have been a lot more scathing if it was done by a more games oriented site. (Also, if it was done by someone who could write.)

It does bring up the whole ‘Radiant AI’ silliness. For all Bethesda’s bragging, the AI doesn’t really do anything.

Chris Woods

For all Bethesda’s bragging, the AI doesn’t really do anything.

It’s honestly the best and most interesting AI I’ve seen in a game to date. Has there been something better?


Nuff said.

I actually thought the article was fairly amusing in parts, bringing up all the obvious weirdness of Oblivion you can easily subject yourself to.

— Alan

Ahh there we go.

Similarly, it sure as Hell thinks it is.

Served! And on a golden plate of truth, at that.

I love the YOUR BAND SUCKS pieces and the MY TANK IS FIGHT/LOVE/etc stuff. Everything else, including Kyanka’s own pieces, comes across as tired and half-assed. I wonder how much of it is simple burnout.

Dunno about RPGs, but if you allow other genres, maybe the Simses? I’m just throwing that out… haven’t played it myself.

Also I wish there would be an RPG where the NPC’s behaved more like the ones in Majesty… going questing on their own, forming parties, buying potions, etc. The problem, it’s easier for that stuff to be meaningful in a God’s Eye strategy game where you can see everything at a glance and mouse-over people to see what they are going to do next. In an “immersive” RPG like Oblivion, it mostly just looks like NPCs walking around at random, unless you go out of your way to follow them for a while.