Oblivion and/vs. Gothic

I had that same moment - I think I was stunned by the balls of the game to just rub it in like that.

However, it pales a bit when you hit Chapter 3 and you still can’t beat a human. I can certainly run past Orcs very well…

It certainly could be hard. The thing about difficulty in non-linear games is that if X is too hard, you can go and do Y & Z for a while, and either get better at stuff or acquire more options. I think that does make me work through the uses of all the stuff/terrain/allies available, which is good, but it can also push you into exploiting any gameplay problems (They can’t climb? And are too stupid to run? Onto a rock I go…)

Of course, going and doing differnt stuff for a while only works as long as the game doesn’t promptly increase the difficulty of situations to reflect your experience, but who would do a thing like that?

Is Oblivion an RPG sandbox?

More like a kitty litter box ;)

Regardless of any other quality Gothic 2 Gold (the only Gothic I played) and Oblivion have, it comes down to the fact that I found Gothic 2 dull and dreaded playing it while I’m 31 hours into Oblivion and am still eager to play my current character through to the end of the main story and replay with a different character style. Oblivion = fun. Gothic2 = torture.

Well, of course that’s what you get when you’re constantly reloading after being killed by an enemy you can’t defeat.

That wasn’t my experience. I’ll leave you to enjoy your carefully homogenised Oblivion.

Come on guys, shake hands – they’re both great games! :)

Agreed. It annoys me when battle lines unnecessarily get drawn.

See, that’s not how you play Gothic. You’re bringing that over from other RPG’s, but in Gothic, if something kicks your ass, you try maybe one more time, and if it crushes you again, that’s a sign that you just plain shouldn’t be fighting it.

I like Gothic 2 better. I feel that the world of Oblivion being very empty. I have put in 3 hours and the world is pretty but has no life. Sure the trees swayed, sure there are deers and occasionnal imps… but… it’s leaving me with a weird bitter sweet after taste. Gothic has life. So does Ultima. And that’s what RPG is about, isn’t it? It’s about experiencing a medieval world and not experiencing a pretty garden. I could look out into mine in Real Life.

YOU’VE ENCOUNTERED A BRICK WALL. Yeah, I know how Gothic works, but the first Gothic was enough of that for me.
Saying empty is just insane. It’s just that the world isn’t stuffed full of NPCs like Gothic, and there is fast travel, which simply encourages zinging from cities and not wandering around. Gothic II was just over for me when I had to cheat to get the contestant to the drinking contest past that group of bandits and then slept for THREE DAYS not to have the drinking contest end or to be treated to any kind of scripted thing. That’s just me. I think Oblivion’s great, I really love not traveling to a FAQ or having to print one out. All I did was a few visits to the forums and one Dadrea shrine list, just because I wanted Clavicus’ masque, I’m dissapointed it was a helmet but it still looks cool.