Oblivion delayed

Until q2 2006.

Apparently revealed by mistake, in a projected earnings report released by the publishers. I’m looking through the elderscrolls.com forums and it’s like one of those post-election parties that ends up being miserable because the candidate lost.

No kiding. I’m expecting to wake up tomorrow and hear about mass suicides of the Elder Scrolls cult. I’m a wee bit dissapointed by the news if only because that means resources meant to switch over to Fallout 3 will be delayed.


What did Bethesda have to gain by insisting that the game would still be out before Christmas? Or at least refusing to admit that it had been delayed until we all find out like this?

My gut feeling, that they just didn’t get 360 hardware in time to tune the game for a launch release. Maybe hoping that there wouldn’t be any major issues when they initally commited to the “launch window.”

well shit there goes my main reason for getting a 360 before xmas. Boo :(

It’s not them that had something to gain, it was Microsoft. Bethesda works closely enough with them, and Microsoft needs their game for that elusive RPG at launch, that this delay will undoubtedly affect the launch sales of the console to some degree. It’s a very big deal because it was highly anticipated and releasing in Q2 2006 is totally different from Christmas 2005 when it comes to potential sales, too.

You could see this coming, though.


also when they say q2 they mean take two’s q2 which starts in Feb.

Is there a chance this could be referring to a European launch of the game?



F*ck Santa, that’s all I’m saying. My Christmas is now ruined. Bah!

Seriously, though, while the news is disappointing I’d rather see the game delayed and polished than out for Christmas and a diamond in the rough.

I agree. I’d rather see them release something with near-zero bugs, both on PC and 360.


(Some of us reported this delay months ago… guess we were right.)

At least this makes the choice to not get a 360 very easy now.

What do you want a fucking cookie? How about a gold star is that better?


And to not upgrade my Radeon X800 XT this Christmas.

If you didn’t blog it somewhere, it doesn’t count.

Come to think of it, it just plain doesn’t count. Sorry.

Argh… this was the only game I was actually planning to buy in November, shame on Bethesda, although I hope it’s really really good when they finally release it in 2006.

Wow, a 7 month delay… for some reason I really got the feeling it was all done and waiting on the xbox360 to be released.

Why did they blitz PR over the past months? How could they be totally unaware that they were going to miss xmas 05 until the very last minute? Just a couple weeks ago at x05 they were still aiming for day and date with the xbox360 or xmas 05 at the latest… and now a 7 month delay. Weird.

Nothing weird about it. Can you imagine the uproar from the hardcore gamers if it was announced at a huge event like X05 that Oblivion wasn’t going to be ready for launch? It’s a lot quieter this way. You’ll see plenty of posts around launch time from people wondering what happened and why they can’t buy Oblivion yet. Many simply will not know it was delayed.

Announce it at X05 instead of a few weeks before launch and you have people angry and cancelling pre-orders.