Oblivion delayed

Yeah it is kind of strange. I think Oblivion performance must really suck bad on the 360.


You think this was a coldly calculated move by the conniving sons of whores at bethesda and not a collossal cock-up?

I think you’re probably wrong.

We’ll find out eventually when Geoff Keighley does his “behind the game: oblivion” tell-all in late 2006.

Pure speculation, but I’m wondering if this decision was impacted in any way by knowledge of an XB360 system shortage. We now have reports supposedly from employees at Target and Best Buy implying about 25-50 systems per store at launch and meanwhile the major gaming retailer I work for still won’t tell us how many we’re getting three weeks out - it’s all suggesting very limited launch quantities. Maybe Bethesda/Take 2 decided to take their time and polish and wait for a larger system install base next spring.

Between this and MS still not listing backwards compatible titles, I’m getting really concerned about their chances of success with the XB360.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem that they were expecting this that much ahead of time. The latest EGM (came in the mail yesterday) has a big Oblivion ad attached to the cover. That’s not exactly something you do unless the game is just around the corner.

Looks like I’ll have to lots of time now to finish Fable: The Lost Chapters.


And to not upgrade my Radeon X800 XT this Christmas.[/quote] -yep

But on the vid card front - I still have many games that “could” look better with line-based FSAA, more AF, and a faster frame rate. But that definately was a major vid card driving force.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


It’s unfortunate for Microsoft, since Oblivion was a big launch title. But I’m glad that Bethesda is taking whatever time they need to get the game right rather than pushing to make a console launch. I don’t own any Microsoft stock, so my only concern is getting a good Elder Scrolls game. If that takes until next year… well, I have Civ IV to tide me over. :)

Well, how strange. I guess this means the PC version is pushed back as well. The person I spoke with at Bethesda recently said they would be released simultaneously.

Who said a seven month delay? It’s the second fiscal quarter; we’re talking maybe 2-3 months. Which could become 3-4, or eventually 7.

If you didn’t blog it somewhere, it doesn’t count.

Come to think of it, it just plain doesn’t count. Sorry.[/quote]

He “blogged” it in his magazine, which adds a bit more credibility to it.

Speaking of which, Steve, when that story appeared I posted here musing about why no source of the information was given. Maybe not even a name, if the person wanted to remain anonymous, but just a mention of whether the source had some inside credibility. And the delay was mentioned, if I remember correctly, in a single short sentence – as if stated with very little confidence – which could be why it was overlooked by many. At that time, I think your magazine was the only thing out there citing a delay in the game’s release.

In retrospect, I agree; it was a credible, inside source.

At the time, I didn’t really think it was a huge deal–ohmygod, a game is delayed! That never happens!–which is why it was just an aside. I figured the info would be online before we hit the streets, because there’d be some formal announcement. I had no idea it would drag out this long.

Actually, chances are they held up pretexts in the hopes of actually finishing. Chances are MS was paying them to finish for launch. Not finishing for launch probably means that they aren’t going to be getting a big payment from MS.

edit: Also, looking at the date, they were probably banking on certing on their first submit. At this point, if they haven’t certed, they won’t make street date for launch in any case. At which point they probably decided to take a bit more time to polish up the game some more.

I wondered about that…

Who said a seven month delay? It’s the second fiscal quarter; we’re talking maybe 2-3 months. Which could become 3-4, or eventually 7.[/quote]

Well Take Two has said not before their second quarter which doesn’t start until Feb. 1. That would put it at at least a 3 month delay (using the MS 360 launch as the first date).


Microsoft defines the 360 launch as anything before Christmas. Or something like that. It certainly isn’t just Nov 22nd or whatever.

Christmas to Feb 1st is less than 2 months last I checked. ;)

If microsoft said you could fly, would you start flapping your arms? Xbox360 is released when consumers can buy them.

Yeah it is kind of strange. I think Oblivion performance must really suck bad on the 360.[/quote]
Nope, I bet the problem is just plain bugs.

I mean, everyone’s been wondering all along how well the vaunted “Radiant AI” system will scale when they build out all the dozens or hundreds of characters, all with their own AI routines, all interacting madly all the time. We’ve all heard about the semi-scripted “lady sets her dog on fire” AI demo from E3. Then I, at least, read somewhere about “fun bugs” they were working on, things like thieves going around stealing food from everyone because they were hungry, or something like that.

I have a strong feeling that they are working very hard to make their AI a lot more predictable to eliminate obviously dumb stuff. Problem is, a common-sense AI is really, really hard. I would bet that the AI is a lot less ambitious by the time they actually get the demented behaviors out of it…


Now we’re talking about release? That’s a damn sight different than launch. Microsoft owns the console, they can define launch however they want. It may not make sense (it doesn’t to me, but whatever) but launch runs through late December, at least. That’s the definition Bethesda has to use.

If microsoft defined my buttcheeks as juicy delicious ripe plums, you would eat my ass.

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