Oblivion DLC, free for a week

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Apparently Bethesda is making available for free download its Fighter’s Stronghold DLC. It’s only for a week though, you can download it here:


Excellent excuse for me to dive back into the game.

I can’t tell; is this free on the 360 also?



Fighter’s Stronghold is free on Xbox Live and PC until next Sunday, 10/21. Then its 150 pts/$1.89.

Does anything have to be done to activate this plugin, on the PC? I’ve downloaded it, but don’t have Oblivion ready right now, so I just want to make sure I don’t go to install it later on only to have it go “ha ha, too late, should have installed it earlier, please enter your credit card number…”

If you downloaded the free one, you’re fine. It is a straight installer with no online activation.

Downloaded and played this tonight. Pretty neat, I like some of the options, like the taxidermy and sparring partner.

When you get all the upgrades it feels like a nice little castle, people walking around coming and going, servants giving you food and drink, guards patrolling.

It’s good to be the King!

Damn Bethesda… “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

Does this stronghold have any relation to the Dragonfire Castle addon that was cancelled around the time Shivering Isles was announced?

Bethesda released what, five or six different house downloadables? What’s the deal with that? Does anyone really want that crap? Why not concentrate on adding gameplay, like the mehrunes razor dungeon or the knights of the nine? Bahh.

Agree, but it’s probably just because a house is much less work.

That reminds me, despite playing the game almost non-stop since it came out, I haven’t yet gone through the Mehrunes Razor dungeon. Good? I’m feeling a bit Oblivion-dungeon’ed out.

I really enjoyed it,

Oh yes, it’s the best dungeon in the game, before the expansion. Worth playing through.

How do I get my old expansions back?

The DLC, you mean? You didn’t back them up after buying them? Bad call man, bad call. Either buy them again or download from bittorrent, I guess.

Those Devil Whiskey dicks pulled this shit on me too. Gaw dammit.

Well, I’d try contacting bethesda before resorting to bittorrent. But I certainly wouldn’t rebuy anything.

Hazards of DLC.

Ugh, I can’t touch Oblivion.

I left my own rebalance half done. Not enough strength and time to complete it, nor intention to play without. So it sits there taking space.

Mehrune’s Razor is probably the best dungeon in the game that I’ve played.

As for the other DLC, I didn’t want to muck around with Bethesda’s digital content system so I just bought them all when they released the Knights of the Nine box set from a brick and mortar store. It included all the pre-Shivering Isles content.

About the houses that have been released though, agreed that it’s less work for them but they still added a neat quest with some of them. I think the alchemy lab you get that’s high up in the mountains had a quest where you had to find the journal of a dead guy up in the mountains that had this awesome view of Imperial City, then you had to clear out the ogres there. Also there was the pirate house that you had to recover.

If you get the whole KotN box-set it feels less like there’s a dearth of questing with the DLC, I guess.

I’ll get to Mehrunes Razor then. I’ve been playing the 360 version of the game for about 8 months with my wife, which has been a lot of fun, although 200 hours in, she’s getting saturated (um, and we haven’t gone to Kvatch yet, but we’ve done almost all the dungeons in the game as well as all of the guild quests other than about half the fighter guild’s and the final piece of the mages).

Playing an Argonian is more fun than I expected - although it’s easy to get water breathing items later on, it’s a cool advantage early on, since you can escape from anything by swimming, eases travel time (I’ve never used fast travel, since it breaks the game, imo), and is fun to role-play (my Argonian is eating all the Dark Elves in the game).