Oblivion DLC half off on Xbox Live

If you haven’t played them yet, now is the time to buy them! Shivering Isles and Knights are especially good deals. All half price except Horse Armor which is double at 400 pts.

Only for the next week so don’t wait!

So, wait… this is Real? I dismissed this news as an April Fool’s joke. But I just checked Marketplace, and it is indeed real.

Including the Horse Armor? :)

It is real. not a joke.

As a person who lost interest before completing the game, will Shivering Isles make me love Oblivion again?

With a user name like “delirium”? It just might!

I’m not really sure what that means.

The story in Shivering Isles revolves around madness.

No, it’s an expansion in the truest sense of the word. A new (smaller) world to explore, ideally after you’ve finished the main game (but not required).

Although it is a bit psychedelic like Morrowind was.

Oh, I see. That’s kind of cool. I confess, I do appreciate madness.

well, the opening quest involves creating your own new NPC guardian after you kill the old one (I think), or something along those lines.

So yes, yes it is worth it.

Bethesda has a great sense of humor.

Slight variation on delerium’s question: As a person who lost interest in the PC version before completing the game, will Shivering Isles on the 360 make me love Oblivion again?

I hope so. I’m going to go pick it up today, in store, as a GOTY edition. Also snatching up all these low priced Downloads… This game was so much fun, I regret selling it to Gamestop every day.

I kinda wish I had my copy still as well. I got rid of it in a fit of frustration when my xbox died and I lost a 100+ hour gamesave. Maybe I’ll pick up a GOTY edition as I never played shivering isles.