Oblivion: Factions and Secrets

This will be a small spoilers thread, so if you dont want that, don’t read it.

For the rest of you, Id like people to post information about the more hidden features of the game. To get you started Ill ask some questions.

The Necromancers: Is this a joinable faction, and if so, how?

The Blackwood guild (I can’t quite remember its name, but its the ‘rival’ to the fighters guild): Is this a joinable faction, and if so, how?

The Blades: I heard someone talking about joining it, if its true, how?

Any other factions I did not list asside from the obvious ones (Mages, Fighters, and Dark Brotherhood) ?

Special Items: Where to get / Where to go to start the quest.

Infinitle usable soulstones, the skelleton key. Any others?

Special NPCs: Who do certain unique things, sell unique things, or are useful and unusal in some way.

What is the most rich merchant? AFAIK its 1200 gp.
Who is the richest merchant if one is richer, and what merhcant has the most money and lowest merchentile skill?

Any merchants who sell unusal reagents (soul stones, rare herbs, etc…)?

List of the best trainers for every skill.

Anyway, and info anyone can provide would greatly be appricated.

You join the Blades automatically when you follow the main storyline.

Necromancers: Haha, no.

Blackwood: Infiltrate as part of Fighter’s Guild quest.

Mythic Dawn: Join as part of main quest.

Special Items: Mostly the Daedric Shrine quests, here’s a link to all of them: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=303610&st=0 (infinite soul gem = azura’s star, etc, all listed there)

Richest merchant is already 1200gp, unusual reagents are sold by specialty: ingredients by alchemy, soul gems by enchanters, etc.

Trainer list: http://www.reality.net/oblivion/trainer-locations.html or ingame book at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2115

Don’t spoil the game too much. There are also some “minor” factions you join automatically after doing one quest, it’s really an honorary title (2 knights and 1 order of the holy blood for me).

I guess I can stop lugging this shield I got as a reward at like level 5. Its worth like 8900gp and every merchant always has the max buy price for it.

Any housing lists? I found the city with the 15000gp house, I heard there was a 25000gp one somewhere though. Is there any reason to get a bigger house or is it just vanity?

Where are enchanter merchants? I have never seen one. I do see people who can recharge items, but they do not have a buy option for general goods.

What do you mean by “enchanter merchant”? If you mean someone who can perform enchantments for you, I don’t think they exist. You have to access the enchantment altar after gaining access to the Arcane University (by completing a series of mage guild quests).


There is a 20k house in Chorrol. The only difference is vanity, that I know of – excepting Anvil, which initiates a quest.


I do not now what he means by that. I have never met an ‘enchanter’ who sold anything. Hence my question.

I would suggest the $5000 house in Anvil, there’s a quest attached but it’s easily better then Chorrol’s $20000 house even after you buy the upgrades. Of course house size doesn’t matter since you a) can’t get servants, b) can’t get weapon stands, c) can’t get armor stands/mannequins.

In fact, houses are completely useless except for the fact items in them don’t disappear after 3 days!

And by enchanter merchant I meant the people who re-enchant your items.

I dunno. I just know that stores with titles like “mystic emporium” and “the warlock’s way” or something like that, tend to sell soul gems.

edit: not that you were asking about that in this thread, now that I check, but it’s hard for me to keep the 9 million oblivion threads straight anymore.

I just need a place to dump crap I do not want to get rid of but do not want to lug around anymore. I proabbly have 100 weight of stuff like this. I do not think those stores have soul gems for me anymore. I robbed them blind.

How is the house in Anvil better? I have never been there because that is the main story quest, right? I am staying away from the area, although if it has a cool house, I might check it out.

I know it would be unbalancing, but eventually Id like a bag of infinite holding. At some point Id like to rob every building in every town so that there is nothing left in the game world that can be stolen. Obviously that is a lot of clay cups and other useless crap to lug around.

It’s not in the main story questline, at least not yet.

The Anvil house isn’t better, it just initiates a quest, as I said:
ergo there is more to that one than vanity.

You can buy a cheap house in the Imp Waterfront at the company offices I think. Or there’s one you can buy for 5000 gold in Bravil, I think.

You can have more then one house, right?

Yes, you can buy them all.

The Anvil house is better because it comes already furnished, and for a mere 5K gold, although I mainly use the Imperial City house because of its convenient and central location.

I drop everything I have into the Bruma house because it’s 5 seconds from the esat gate. It’s the most convenient house in the game, I think. There are three storage units 12 feet in from the front door, and more in the next room.

Your first house should definitely be the waterfront house, though, because it’s cheap (2500g).

Ahh that is a good consideration I had not thought about. How far is it from the front gates? I would not want to buy a house that took another 5 minutes to navigate to.

Although since I auto travel a lot, how far the city distances are doesn’t matter to me much. Its not like there is a time table in the game.

Is there a limit to how much can fit in a container?

Containers seem to hold unlimited stuff. I have scads of daedric armor and reagents and alchemy equipment and other odds and ends, all in one chest.

How do I get to summon a Faded Wraith? I have to learn the skill before getting more advanced conjuration training from the dude at the shrine.

I measure travel time to my houses from the auto-travel drop points. I can be inside my Bruma house in less than 10 seconds after auto-travel drop-off. The waterfront house takes about 20-30 seconds, depending which way you go. (it’s across the street from pirate ship)

NPC’s in the mage guild will recharge your enchanted items but it’ll cost about the same as a small house to do it. All the ones I saw charged 1g/point of enchantment.