Oblivion first impressions

The collector’s edition of Oblivion is the most impressive such package I’ve seen since Ultima IX. As you know, it comes with a solid metal coin, a faux leather bound book (in addition to the manual), and a paper map. I would have paid another $5 for an Ultima-style cloth map. Definitely $10 well spent.

As for the strategy guide, I read the character creation section last night before bed, and I have to say that this is the best strategy guide prose I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

If this game is at least as fun as Morrowind, I’ll be in gaming nirvana for several months.

So this is a thread about first impressions of the stuff that comes in the box and the strategy guide?

Perhaps it’s still installing.

Actually, I have the 360 version. As soon as I have a chance to play it, I will post my impressions, but I’m quite sure that others will beat me to it.

Anyway, I am blown away by the contents and wanted to post my impressions. Probably should have piggy-backed on another thread rather than start “yet another oblivion thread”.

What kind of box is it in? Is it like a really thick DVD case?

Did you get this in store or shipped?

Not sure if I’m being baited here, but I’ll bite. It comes in a multi-disc DVD case that unfolds into 4 pages (think extended edition of the Lord of the Rings movies). Being an old school Ultima fanatic, I really appreciate well designed game packages such as this. Now, as soon as my wife gets home, I’ll plop on the couch and play until my eyes are so tired that I can’t see the television anymore.

Although I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, I’ve taken tomorrow off from work just to play (justify that to your 11 yr old son that has to go to school or to your boss- a large company CTO- who wanted to schedule a meeting :) ).

It comes with a real-life book, too?

I lol’d at that.

Don’t be embarrassed. I took Thursday and Friday off for the exact same reason, and I’m not making any secret of it. That’s what all those weeks of vacation time a year are for, afterall. Right? Right!?

You guys are a tough audience!

Well, I’m not that embarrassed. But no way was I going to offer this information to my boss (CTO or not)!

Ya, I’m easy to please.

Short of a real, leather bound book, faux leather is pretty cool. And I love my Ultima IX collector’s edition; it represents the all time best game package.

It was 69 bucks right?

Also dude you seriously have had the game for nearly 24 hours and you have not played it? Am I reading that right?

Not baiting at all, was just curious how they got all that stuff in there while still fitting on a shelf full of console games. I’m getting the standard version myself. Thanks for the info.

No, I just got it from EB Games and am impatiently waiting for my wife to get home to take care of the kids.

With the strategy guide, I dropped $100 on this game. But at this point in my life, I’m not worried about 10 or 20 bucks. I’ve been looking forward to this since the day I finished Morrowind (Daggerfall before that and Arena before that).

Think the strat guide was sold earlier.

What about a hundred?

For something that will keep me busy for months, not in the least.

EB left an automated message for me today that I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon at the store I pre-ordered it at.