Oblivion first impressions

I’m really rather surprised that nobody else has gotten their paws on this yet. Maybe my EB games is closer to the distribution center…or something like that.

I’m just funnin’ ya.

I heard Patrick Stewart, voiceover in the game, talks alot about watching naked women… harhar its from that show Extras. get it? Patrick Stewart blows Shatner away… Stewart was a badass knight in Excalibur ya know? and he likes to strip women naked!


Ah ok the strat guide. I get it now! Thanks!

“But it’s too late. I’ve already seen everything.”


Arg I was dead set on getting the regular 360 version (only $45 at compusa tomorrow). Now you are making me think about the CE version again. Now, is it worth $25 more?

For me, absolutely. But I wouldn’t recommend it for most people.

Damn, I just spent 20 minutes designing my characters face!

I hate you.

I just finished visiting ebgames (where I preordered), 2 gamestops, circuit city, best buy, compusa, tower records, and wal*mart. Nobody had it yet. This makes me a sad, sad panda.

FAILED PANDA!!! Oddly enough, when I registered for Live a long time ago, McMaster was taken so it suggested failedpanda and hurkymcmaster. In retrospect I should have taken failed panda.

How much hard drive space does the game eat up?

1.21 Jiggabytes. (“Great Scott!”)

True to form, I’ve turned off HDR. Can’t stand the lack of AA in the game and bloom does a decent job. Playing on a standard clocked 1800 XT at 1920x1200 with 4x AA, 8x HQ AF, bloom, and every single in-game graphics option (except for grass shadow, which is off) maxed out. Perfectly playable for me. And the game is gorgeous, absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous (except for the terrain LOD, which can paint distant hills with very low res textures). The game also has incredibly immersive aural feedback; donned a pair of iron boots and suddenly felt like an encumbered tank moving through a dungeon, with the heavy clocking of my boots clanking on the stone floor. A nice contrast to the wispy quietness of the leather shoes I was wearing before discovering the iron boots. Combat is also far more visceral than Morrowind’s, and definitely more involving. The ability to block with weapon or shield and the options to perform special attacks if timed correctly add more depth to the hand-to-hand combat than Morrowind’s whack-a-mole fighting.

I’ve only played for two or so hours, but so far I’m very impressed. Created a Nord Paladin (blunt, block, heavy armor, armorer, restoration, speechcraft, and athletics) who’s still 1st level but now a bit west of the capitol city.

How is the pathing of the mobs around the world and in interiors (like dungeons)? They get stuck in walls/doors as in MW?

What about the wilderness? It’s just desert terrain or there are interesting things to see and creatures moving around?

How’s the loading of the terrain as you move?

How’s the LOD on the trees as you move?

About how many preset classes are there? At one time I would’ve insisted on designing one myself and tweaking my skills just right but now…meh, I just want to get to the game.

I have only two questions, based on Bethedsa’s history:

  1. How many bugs in the first day of playing?
  2. How slow does it run on a top-of-the-line machine?

Ideally, a health bar isn’t necessary (though it could still be an option). I’ve always thought RPGs should just give you this information by having the enemy look increasingly hacked up, pain sounds, animations, etc.

Yeah, along those lines I’ve thought it would be interesting to have an RPG or an MMO where all the feedback is via those types of graphical/sound cues rather than a bar or a number. So for instance if you are a healer you would have to react to watching wounds on your party-mates rather than observing a green bar go up and down. Maybe just a cosmetic difference, and would piss off some minmaxers, but it could create an interesting feel. Of course people would soon “game” that just like anything else, I suppose. (“As soon as your tank gets the Gorey Red Welt texture on his chest, hit Greater Heal!”)

Wow, I only visited BB, target, and walmart (and the last two only because they were on the way home).

Oh well, it will probably be available tomorrow.