Oblivion: I don't want to snuggle

There be spoylars here.

I finished the main quest on Saturday and I attempted some post-climax “snuggling” but I only managed about an hour of continuing the mages guild quest before I just stopped playing. Part of me would have liked to simply roll over and go to sleep rather than feeling like Oblivion was still there wanting me to cuddle for a few more hours. There’s something a bit disconcerting about the game not actually ending. I suppose I’ll play the inevitable “So you want to be the Emperor?” expansion but probably won’t play at all until then.

How about you all? Did you keep playing?

Nope. I finished off the Dark Brotherhood, and then shelved it. Haven’t even been to go collect my armour, although largely because I was annoyed about not having the dialogue option ‘Make me the new Emperor or you leave here on my sword’.

I finished the main quest with a sort of paladin type. Then I switched to an assassin character to do the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guild stuff. Man does the Dark Brotherhood quest line makes the main quest look awful.

Yea the same thing happened to me. Unfortunately I did half the dark brotherhood stuff and half the thieves guild stuff with one character, then made another character and started over. After finishing the main quest, my interest evaporated like a puddle of water on a hot summer’s day.

Although if people say the DB quest line is that good, maybe ill go back and do those again. I got to the point of doing the first mission after you ‘cleanse’ the home base.

Oh, man, the cleansing mission was harsh. Right up til then I’d been thinking “This is great. The other guilds treat me like snot when I join, but everyone here is so nice!” Ouch. Sometimes it’s hard being an incredibly evil, deadly psychopath.

I didn’t touch the main quest at all beyond getting my horse. I did ascend to the head of the Mages Guild and took over the arch-mage’s quarters since I was now arch-mage. I started storing my stuff in there only to find a couple days later that it was gone - replaced by an inkwell and some calipers. Shit.

I played about half of the Dark Brotherhood missions and gave up. I feel like I could play it forever but for some reason I don’t feel compelled to go back.

I made the same mistake, and lost 3-4 daedric artifacts. Why those guild master rooms couldn’t have been flagged like houses to hold loot is a pisser.

You know, the inkwells I get. They didn’t have ballpoints in Tamriel. Fine.

But what’s the deal with all the calipers? There are something like five pairs of calipers for every person in Cyrodil. What is everybody calipering? It’s like a fantasy kingdom full of draftsmen.

I think they’re there so folks can measure all the skulls. Skull-measuring is a wildly popular pastime in Cyrodiil. It’s a close second to wall-watching.

Sort of a hot-bed of advanced phrenology you think? Perhaps they felt that they could only truly determine the bumps on your head if they had your bleached skull to work with.

Luckily there’s a ton of skulls in Tamriel too.

I think so. You don’t want to run the risk of getting your bump reading wrong. Better to get all that troublesome skin and hair out of the way.

If I ever replay Oblivion I’m going to create a custom class called “Phrenologist.”

This is exactly why I beat all of the Guild quests before doing the Main Quest past Kvatch :).

I had the same issue as the rest of you all in Morrowind though, but in Oblivion there are so few quests, there isn’t much to do for a new character once you beat those 4 guilds (and since there’s no conflicts of interest, its actually pretty easy to do that).

Kill every NPC alive?

There’s always the Armageddon mini-game.

Igor: Yeah. But didn’t the conflicts have you replaying for relatively little content? I only felt compelled to start again on Morrowind with the expansion, and that was mainly because I lost my Imperial Knight.

I recently hopped back on after the main story about 70 hours in. I pretty much only have the Mages Guild to wrap up. Checked out my statue in Bruma (it equips the best stuff you have, so almost everyone has the staff you loot equipped for the statue, but I like how that looks. There’s a mod to change it), hoping I can squeeze a little more out of it through the mages guild.

Why those guild master rooms couldn’t have been flagged like houses to hold loot is a pisser.

The room I got from the Thieves Guild worked in this capacity.

I keep adding mods and starting again after beating Kvatch right out of the gate. The game levelling just baffles me, though. I just can’t bring myself to make a character that levels at all normally due to the counterincentive of levelled enemies. A levelling mod helped somewhat but it is still not at all connected to the sort of cost/benefit analysis to which I have become accustomed.

I think I’ll peel off and try the DB for a while, though. That mod that makes people accidentally naked if they had robes on (so you can combine robes and armor) is just too disconcerting with Martin following you about.

After finishing the main quest I completed the mage’s guild and fighter’s guild tracks and briefly gloried in the sheer game-breaking invincibility of my chameleon suit. But I did find interest waning rather quickly. I seem to have been so conditioned by previous RPGs that once Foozle is dead, I can’t get that interested in the “my cat is stuck in a tree” stuff.

but in Oblivion there are so few quests,

Okay, compared to Morrowind, I guess. But still, I’m getting serious cognitive dissonance seeing the words “Oblivion” and “so few quests” in the same sentence.

Interesting about the statue. Mine nailed my guy, he has his bow held proudly to the sky.

?? When do they make a statue of you in Bruma?? I want a statue. Do I get a statue?