Oblivion: I don't want to snuggle

You could only join one Great House at a time, and those were pretty good at content. Plus, unless you played your cards very correctly, I think there were other conflicts like having guild quests X making you kill members of guild Y. I definitely had a Redoran and a Telvanni character though :). Too bad you can’t “Join” a count’s faction in Oblivion :(.

Do the Knights of the Blah Blah Blah count? I’ve got 2 of those factions under my belt right now, both awarded to me by grateful counts. Both of them have their own little houses in the woods, and pretty shields.

Oh, and the Dark Brotherhood horse is badass. So much cooler looking than the main quest line horse.

Maybe if there was more than one rank, and you would get 10+ quests, yes, but as it is, one of them is a main “side” quest, and neither really give you anything except that craptacular lodge.

I was dissapointed about that. Looking over the mods I noticed one that unlocks some half implemented goblin faction wars. This makes me think that Oblivion was finished closer to the deadline than Morrowind.

But really, it boils down to only a few less factions than Morrowind, which I don’t mind.

I came in here hoping it would be a coitus mod to go along with my “realistic Imperial high resolution textured and remeshed nipples,” but it looks like more textualis interruptus.

There’s already a half-finished mod to flesh it out if you want to lead bands of goblins (that look like the Missing Link hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree) all around Cyrodill by sneaking in and grabbing their hardened totem staff. I dunno it all sounds so gay…

… it just makes your head hurt.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m only halfway through any of the quest lines, main or faction, but I’ve just gathered a nearly complete set of Daedric gear… from sidequest bandits, at level 22. Oh, and more than 30k gold from selling other equipment I don’t need.

Seems a bit pointless to keep playing now. I have the best equipment available, modulo powerful enchantments (easily made with Azura’s Star); I have money coming out of my paint horse’s nicely modelled butthole, and nothing worthwhile to spend it on; I’ve nearly maxed out my relevant stats, and I even have an Invisibility spell. All enemies are just as tough as me, have the same equipment as I do, and they will stay so forever.

I wonder if I shouldn’t just read about the remaining quests in the Game Guide and be done with it?

You mentioned “paint horse” and not Shadowmere. This would tell me you haven’t done the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Their quests are the best in the game.

Yes, I’ll probably finish the Dark Brotherhood quests because I liked what I saw so far. Maybe I’ll even turn on invisibility and go close the remaining Oblivion gates…

What bothers me most is that the farther I get in the game, the more the quests all seem to turn into scavenger hunts. There is some fantastic quest design in Oblivion but then you go to the super-powerful Daedra Lords to face their gruesome challenges and they want… a wolf pelt!? Or, a woman needs help with collecting reagents but demands five portions of ectoplasm before even accepting the help?

I was so glad that they cut the stupid reagent gathering from the Mages Guild quests but now it pops up again all over the place. Which brings me to another stage in my rant: how about making quests simply off-limits to an unsuited character (wrong specialization etc.) rather than demanding dull but feasible FedEx quests? That would not only remove the dull quests but also reduce the possible advancements before the main quest ends, and thus the chance of seeing random bandits wearing Daedric armor.

The Dark Brotherhood quest is sounding kind of interesting. I’d probably like to try that at some point.

Also…did anybody ever figure out who to ask about Shadowbanish wine for the “Rare Vintage” quest (or whatever it’s called)

I got a tip to talk to the bartender in Anvil I think as somebody that knew about wine but that didn’t seem to move the quest forward.

Something worth mentioning. When the Dark Brotherhood quests seem to be slacking off, that’s just the setup for better quests in the future. So don’t slack off just because suddenly things seem dull.

No, I had to look it up in the Game Guide. In fact that’s one quest I’m not sure how anyone could get it without the guide – it seems it’s deliberately set up to reward only compulsive explorers!

You need to talk to the owner of a pub right in front of the Imperial City, at the western end of the bridge. Not a place you’re ever likely to see if you always fast-travel to/from the Imperial City, and not referred to anywhere as a place of wine lore.

Compulsive explorers or the stupidly lucky. That is literally the first person I spoke to in the game after breaking out of the prison.

Still haven’t found any actual bottles of the wine, though. :)

I found 2 bottles in the little island fort in which you get trapped and hunted as prey by the loan-shark orc. They were in a chest I had to use my acrobatics to get to, as it was at the top of the ruined tower.

Ah, thanks! I don’t know if my acrobatics is high enough to get up there, but I’ll give it a try. I liked that quest a lot - very cool.

Incidentally, that reminds me that after I finished that quest, I fast traveled back to the island to pick up some armor that my pitifully weak character wasn’t able to carry back the first time through. Imagine my surprise when, after the screen loaded, I turned around and found myself staring at my horse.

Heh. Yeah there’s a mod out there now to fix that.

Easy one. Simply put on your Amulet of Waterwalk, (you did get the amulet of Waterwalk from the Grue in the third cave to the left didn’t you??) run to the shore, and fast travel from there.

I think necromancers drop boots of water walking quite often too… now if only there was a way to put those on your horse ;).

Speaking of water walking, has anyone noticed how horrible the AI is about that? You can literally walk on water and use your bow all day long against enemies, they don’t try to swim out and get you most of the time.

Was that the phrenologist Grue? I was holding off on that quest until I had collected more calipers.