Oblivion: I need some quests.. [SPOILERS]

So, I’ve done the mages guild quests with my Wizard character, and got into the University… Made a few spells, my life is easier…

However, I am running really low on interesting quests. I keep reading little tidbits here about various different quests and I haven’t seen any of them… The “Two brothers” thing… The Azura’s Star…

I’ve even got the collector quest and am now 0/3 or so for Ayleid Statues.

Basically, I need some little bit of spoilage. I don’t really want to do the Brotherhood or Thieves Guild quests with this character, but I know there’s lots of other good stuff out there.

There’s the Daedric quests, but they’re not narratively connected. You may also consider trying vampirism.

The Prima guide has an exhaustive listing. But many of the quests can be uncovered simply by asking the locals about rumors.

Do FIghter’s Guild if you haven’t. It’s more of just a general “Good-guy mercenary” guild, not specific to fighters as such.

To start the Two Brothers stuff, talk to the drunk guy in Chorrol. I forget his name, but when you ask other Chorrol people for rumors, they’ll often mention that they think they saw this guy in another town, but he didn’t seem to recognize them.

There’s also the fighter’s guild quests.

I do recommend the Collector questline but all I can suggest is run as many Ayleid ruins as you can until you get more statues. When you get 3 or so for him, the quest moves in a new direction as well. I enjoyed exploring random McDungeons so this was not really a problem for me; your mileage may vary.

Ride off the beaten path sometimes. Keep an eye on your compass. Ding off any nearby dungeons so you can fast travel to them later. Look for the Daedric Shrine logo on your compass; whenever you see it ride to one, ding it off your map, and talk to the devotees there. They will get you started on the quest for that particular shrine. Azura’s shrine is, I think, somewhere northish of Cheydinhaal, in the hills. I don’t quite remember the exact location.

The countess in Bruma has a nice quest where she sends you to get a relic for her. I don’t know if you can activate this quest just by talking to her; in my case, I was approached by an NPC saying she had summoned me – this happened shortly after I arrived in Bruma for the first time.

Maybe try contracting vampirism. This is a bit of a crapshoot but if you can find some vampires to fight, you should contract Hemophilia after a while (maybe let them beat on you till you get it) and this, left untreated, apparently turns you into a vampire. There is also a separate vampire event that gives you vampirism all at once, but I don’t know what triggers it. Vampirism as far as I know only unlocks one quest chain (finding the cure for vampirism) but it’s a pretty substantial one.

edit: sorry for redundancies; I took a while writing this post.

Also, in every town chat with NPCs and ask them about rumors. This often gets you started on quest chains. Chat with some storekeeps in the Imperial City market district; some of them should be griping about the Copious Coinpurse and that starts a pretty good quest.

Walk in straight lines between places you could fast-travel to. You’re guaranteed
to find something interesting along the way.

dude, there are oblivion gates everywhere, how the hell am i supposed to close them all? it’s going to take me forever! sigh.

You don’t have to close every one.

*** SPOILER ***

The main quest does have a sub-path wherein you are effectively asked to close one oblivion gate near each main town. I don’t think this path is mandatory, though I’m not sure. I think it makes one of the battle sequences easier if you do it. I closed all the gates required for the quest, which does get a bit tedious. On the upside, nice Daedric loot and sigil stones.


Go to the towns, talk to people, ask about rumours. Also eavesdrop as much as you can, that will add new topics to the conversation bar for that town. You can get a bunch of quests in the manor.

I just started the Vampire Cure quest, and I’m having trouble SPOILER finding the 5 grand soul stones /SPOILER I have two, can’t remember where I found them though.

Is there any place to buy them?

It’s pointless to bother. All you get out of it is like two troops a piece for the final clash, none of whom are any use.

Now you tell me!

It’s not completely pointless to bother. The Cheydinhal gate has a fairly cool quest associated with it, with a proper reward. I did a few of the random gates too. I think I’m the only one who likes them. I’d quite like to see a mod that re-enables a low level of gate spawning after the plot’s finished, or even opens a gate on demand.

I liked the oblivion gates for the loot and the sigil stones, but I got tired of them otherwise pretty quick. Didn’t have the classic “dungeon crawl” feel of the McDungeons, and the whole “climb up the tower to get the sigil stone” thing got boring after a while.

I did do the Cheydinhaal quest. Man, talk about NPC’s acting like that 12 year old hunter in the Deadmines group who insists on pulling every mob within sight! They actually justified it in the characterization, though, which was funny.

I had hoped the other towns would put an interesting wrinkle on it too, but every other town seemed to be just “close the damn gate.” Crunch time ftw?

You can skip that part if you want – it’s not useless, however – the troops you get are of much higher quality than the cannon fodder that otherwise fill the ranks.

I’d like to see a mod like that, with you trying to do the same thing as the
badguys. An evil path to ending the game, so to speak >:)=

The guilds are the best way of stringing a series of quests along outside the main storyline. The Arena is also a bit of fun for fighter types.

1 more grand soul gem :(.

In my quest to find another Statue (0:6 or 7 now)… I found a giant Ayleid ruin with a Great Welkynd Stone in it, which is obviously important. I remember reading something about a quest that involves it.

NM: Seems it’s related to the main quest. Into my dresser-drawer it goes.

Yeah, hold onto it.

I just got to the “Blood of the Daedra” quest, and i’ve got some questions


It directs you to get the artifact of Azura, but I know that it’s the reusable soul gem, so I’m a little hesitant at getting that one. I was wondering which artifact you guys thought was least useful and from what shrine.