Oblivion: I need some quests.. [SPOILERS]

Well you’ll want to get that regardless, just dont give it to Martin. I found the 2 handed hammer to be pretty useless for my build, thats north of Anvil.

I think I hosed my main quest, please tell me there is a way around this.

I needed to find the 4 mystic dawn books. I found them. and read them. Then I was not sure what to do. So I talked to the lizard mage lady, she said she would think about it.

So these books were heavy and valueable. I stold them to a vendor (the 4th one could not be sold, but the third one could). A few days pass then the npc would like to see the 3rd and 4th book. The vendor no longer has them for sale, I do not ahve a save before I sold them. There are no more mystic dawn books around I can find.

So, am I screwed or is there a work around?

It does occure to me I could make a mod with the third book sitting on some table somewhere, but I do not see any mod tools. How do I make a mod?

Someone could probably just tell you where the books tell you to go. PM me if you want the answer.

I guess that would work too, but I was hoping to follow the quest naturally, although it seems at this point that might not be possible.

I did the same thing. You can get them back by typing player.additem 00022B06 and 00022B07 if you need 3 and 4. I you still have book 4 then you only need the first command.

Assuming you are playing the PC edition that is.

I’ve seen copies since then in the houses of the Mystic Dawn assassins that jump me occasionally in various towns. I usually let the guards kill them since I got arrested for killing the first one despite them attacking me first. Either that or I accidently clipped one of the citizens when they ran in front of me. Anyway, since then, any violence I see in town I stand back and watch. I recently had to run and hide from some Guards from a Mining Company who attacked me in one of the towns. I think it was revenge for freeing their ogre slaves or something though they didn’t say anything. After the guards killed them I got some nice Ebony Armor from a few of them.

Those dudes followed me into Oblivion! Man they hold a grudge.

I think I found a couple in the Mystic Emporium in Imperial City market district.

Yeah, I bought my first couple there, but then I found out that in the Arcan University there are a ton in display cases. Also you can buy them in Bruma from the alchemist, not sure if it’s true for other guild houses too.

Sorry for the double post, but I’m doing the knights frozen tears quest, and I’ve arrived at the frostfire glade, killed the atronach and found the statue. But I don’t see any Tears.

Annoying quest; it’s basically a pixel hunt. Look around on the ground near the central snowy area (where you are taking frost damage) and look for small whitish shiny objects. There should be five of them.

The tears look like tadpoles.

I did that console trick, I got my book thanks.

I do have a few more questions…

One of my charcter has the ability to cast spells that buff skills. My Mage character can’t find any vendor that sells the basic skill buff spell. Can someone tell me where to get it?

I have heard you can get two spell effects from grand souls with grand soul gems, however I have a grand soul gem with a grand soul, and I can only get one effect per item.

Can you make your own mages staff? I got one from the mages guild, but if I want to make another one that has more or better spells on it, can that be done?

I was told you could get a home in Kevich (the destoyed town), however, there is no one there to talk to about getting a home. Its still burnt and gutted. How do you get a house there?

In reverse order:

You can’t get a house in Kvatch.

Dunno about your own Mages’ Staff. Does Rindir sell blanks? If not then no. (Also, no way can you charge it to 8000 like the guild does.)

You can put as many effects on a weapon as you want so long as you don’t override the mana-per-cast (in parenthesis on the select screen). You can’t put multiple effects on armor or anything you wear.

You need a mod to create and unlock the fortify skill spells. However, one alternative is to visit a birthsign runestone at night and get a power that improves a skill. (The Steed does this and it’s, uh, along the road to Cheydinhal, I think.) Since the game counts greater powers as the spells they emulate, you can then use the ‘fortify skill’ effect on a spellmaking altar to roll your own.


Thanks, so far I’m at four. It’s tricky finding those dumb little tears.

Wait until night, also step lightly. You may kick one somewhere that it’s unable for you to get.