Oblivion - In Game Questions (Non-Plot Related)

Yet another O thread.

Someone stated that the hotkey and tool tips were pretty bare boned and I couldn’t agree with him more. I played the tutorial and just don’t get some of the aspects to this game.

What is up with lock picking? If there are two yellow things that my lock pick needs to push up I can never do it properly. Why is that? Am I the suck or is my lock picking skill too low? Lock picking seems impossible to do!

Another problem… speech craft.

How does the whole boast/laugh crap work?

I couldn’t even understand what the tutorial was trying to explain.

And how does the whole Bribe thing work?

And what’s the deal with airline food?

I was confused by lock picking as well at first. You don’t need to get all the pushed tumblers up at the same time, you need to lock them in place one at a time. Push one tumbler up and click when it’s at the top. If done right it will lock in place and you then do the same to the next tumbler until the lock is open.

And what’s the deal with airline food?

Snakes ate it.

ahh! a light just went off! that makes it clear now… thanks

now if someone could demistify speechcrafting for me…

Is there any penalty or downside to joining multiple guilds? I get the impression (from the orc in Chorrol) that the Thieves Guild and Fighters Guild don’t get along, but what about joining the Mages and the Fighters simultaneously?

OK - there’s a 4-quadrant/pie thing, right? Boast/coerce/joke/admire. Each NPC reacts differently to each. Basically he or she likes one type way more and one type way less, with the middle two being in the…middle. Once you start, hover the icon over each quadrant and watch the NPC’s face. The eyes will tell how they feel about that type of dialog. Now, once you get the NPC’s tells down, it becomes a puzzle game of clicking the biggest shade in the good quadrants and the smallest shade in the bad quandrants as much as possible. This might be harder to explain than I thought without a visual aide, but keep playing around and you’ll eventually get it.

The number in the middle is their approval of you, you want to try to raise it to about 70 or so to have good relations. The number slowly ticks down while the minigame is active, and bribery raises it a set ammount. Doing this enough will raise your speechcraft(eventually to the point where you get the ability to rotate the pie quadrants to your benefit), and raising your approval with merchants enables better haggling. I’ve wasted so much time on this already, with an assassin no less.

Basically, you want to use the fire Pokémon.

Speach minigame:

Basically you want to put the biggest piece of the pie on the comment that makes the character smile the most and the smallest piece on the comment that makes the character pissed off. You’ve got to make four choices and use them only once. Everytime you choose something the wheel moves forward and the used choices are disabled. The game ends after you pick all four.

Keep playing with the same character to get a feel for the motion then you can be real good quickly

Speechcraft is easy. Start the game, quickly mouse over the four quadrants of the pie and watch their face. One response will make them smile widely, one will give a bit of a smile, one a bit of a frown and the other a nasty look. You need to click on the positive ones when they have a huge bit of pie and the negative ones when there is a thin band. After you click, the pie pieces move on- you can see what is coming up next, so you sometimes have to futz with the middling reactions in order to min/max the more extreme reactions. Getting to journeyman allows you to rotate the pie once for free, which makes things easier.

[edit- doh! curse my slow typing]

If you have good ears, lockpicking can become extrememly easy…

Ya, there’s a different type of ting the tumbler makes when it’s a good one. Sometimes, not sure it does it all the time.

As for speechcrafting, I prefer to avoid it entirely by using Voice of The Emperor - it’s eased the pain a lot. I used it to convince the thieves guild guy to let me join, and I’m going to use it on Jensine. It’s one the abilities Imperials get once/day.

Yep, once I quit trying to suss it out visually and instead started clicking based on the sound, lockpicking became WAY easy.

So I’m wandering around with my torch. Upon spying a monster, I draw my sword and my torch goes…? Did I holster it?
It makes more sense to just toss the torch to the side where- guess what- it would still be USEFUL! Instead, I stick it (still lit) in some magical torch pocket for later use.

While I’m picking nits the size of subatomic particles, did I miss a handedness option in character selection? I can shape my character’s eyebrows but everyone is right-handed? Eh?

Picayune, but it’s things like that that can drive you nuts.

If you have a shield equipped when you draw your weapon you’ll equip your shield. If you want to have your torch out while you fight you just have to not have a shield equipped.

The torch stays equipped because once you holster your weapon/shield the torch comes back out.

A safe and quick way to increase an NPC’s disposition is to always make sure to select the smallest slice for whatever the NPC dislikes. With journeyman speechcraft (which really isn’t hard to get, just talk to everyone you meet and it’ll go up soon enough) you can get decently sized slices for the things the NPC likes as well, ensuring you always come out on top.

I’m really early in the game, I’ve met the son and headed inside the oblivion gate and up to the top of the tower, and I run into two doors that say they need keys. I searched all around and dont see any keys anywhere near there, can ya clue me in here?


Hum. I know at the top of one of the towers where there is a guy in a cage, you have to fight a jailer/daedra character and I think he drops a key. Maybe you forgot to search him? I don’t remember if another key is needed and if so where it is found.

Grr…so I’m trying to cure my disease ‘Witbane’, but when I got to a temple to heal it at the alter, I get these cryptic messages saying to “Repent my Sins!”.

Can thieves not heal at these things?