Oblivion, more content coming (Pirates!)

Sounds promising, seems to be getting more in line with the type of stuff we want to see. I’m very intrigued by the “You can start a band of pirates” comment. Wonder how it will actually turn out.

That sounds like the sort of content I’d shell out for. I’d buy that for a dollar. And Ninjas if they got them.

I saw Jack Sparrow walking about Anvil, I had thought that one of the mods added him.

“Basically, it’s Goonies,” he said. “That’s what we really wanted.”

“Hey, you guys!”

Now that mod I will buy!!!
I was utterly disappointed when they decided the horse armor was going to be 2 bucks! I have no problem with buying extra content, but it must at least be worth it!!! And not something that was supposed to come WITH the game.


are there any plans of them publishing a CD that has a bunch of mods/content on it for a lower price than all of the same mods/content combined?

Like a pirates/horse armour/mage tower/etc/etc/blah/etc CD for $19.99?

Any word?


Does sound like it could be a fun plugin though. Hopefully it’s a more fleshed out quest this time instead of a magical note. I really did like the Wizards Tower so i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

I’d be all about buying stuff like this. A little extra graphical content, a couple of quests involved, and maybe a few new critters and/or items. That’s what a downloadable module should be.

sounds pretty good. Though I’ll be pretty bummed if the ‘pirate’ mod has no DF style controllable ship. And I’m sure it won’t.

That shows an item called the “Pimp Bow.”

At the risk of being massively laughed at, I must ask: is there in fact a Pimp Bow in unmodded Oblivion? Or if not, what mod must I install to get said Bow of Pimpage?

They really need to re-focos and fix gameplay/hardware issues before continuing work on these microstransactions.

It’s probably an enchanted item that the player named himself.

That’s the first time in ages that a website has been so foul that I could not read it. I can deal with MySpace, but pale gray text on pastel orange … aaargh!

I don’t think this is a mod – this is a new game.

Oh wait, the writer confused me by all of a sudden talking about a new game in an Oblivion mod story… they should have just made two seperate stories…

Whoops. I must confess I was drunk on ts one night with some friends and we were all playing Oblivion. We had a contest to make the dumbest enchanted weapon name and that was my blurry attempt at winning. Needless to say I lost by a wide margin.

Seems to be out, think I’ll grab this one and give it a shot, I’ve avoided the rest so far.

So these add-ons are basically $2 apiece? That’s pretty good value, IMO. YOu can pick and choose which to add, or you can wait for fans to make them. I know there is a thread dedicated to whether or not this is a scam, but I think it’s just a great idea. Support your game by creating mini-expansions and charging very little for them. Make them independent of each other, so people can mod the game however they choose, and you have a winner. It’s a great way for companies to keep making money from a game without screwing over customers (if done properly).

I’m totally in.

I grabbed the Wizard’s Tower- that was worth 2 bucks for the enchanting altar…this one looks like lots of good content… lots of items, spells, npc’s you can hire…

No complaints here.

from the dl page:

A fully detailed enviroment for your character to own and explore
Free sleeping space: never pay for an inn again!
Five upgrades for your lair
Hire vendors designed especially for thieves, rogues, and assassins
As you upgrade your lair new pirates will join your crew and provide you with income
Over 45 new items
15 new spells

Interesting how this one is labeled DLC7 and the one before it (the Wizards’ Tower) was DLC3. Suggests there are 3 unannounced micropacks that were perhaps planned to come before the pirates cove.

BTW, the rumor mill section of the latest EGM says there will be an expansion pack this fall. The person who writes the section correctly predicted that Final Fantasy 13 would be shown at E3, but otherwise I don’t know how good their track record is.