Oblivion problems

I guess I’ll post this here just for fun.

  1. Oblivion runs just fine for about 5 minutes. Then it will lock up. Can’t turn left or right and neither mouse nor keyboard responds. I can CTRL-ALT-DEL, shut Oblivion down, restart it and play another 5 minutes. Fun!

  2. I’m now at the part where Septim asks for my sign. The signs come up and it will lock up each time. I don’t think it’s me at fault here!

I’m running on an Athlon 64 3400+, 1GB or ram and a Radeon 9700 Pro. (It runs just fine on this setup. For 5 minutes.) I have installed the latest drivers for DirectX, video, sound and cpu. Even mouse! I suspect copy protection. I always do. Anybody else run into this or am I “special?”

No idea but your rig is pretty similar to mine, so let me know how it runs/looks once you get outside.

Weirdness. I got it to run. I did exactly two things after my first post above: 1) Turned the hardware sound down a notch and 2) installed the Matroska codec pack. I then played it for and hour and a half. Weird!

I had one problem. I use Webroot Spysweeper and I guess there’s a virus called Oblivion. Spysweeper saw that and didn’t want to let Oblivion run. The only way I could fix this was to disable Spysweeper.

More weirdness. The only saves I have are auto and quicksaves. Regular saves say they work but the saved files never appear.

Crap that’s not good for me when I get the game since I have spysweeper too. You just have to turn it off before you want to play it right to get it to work?

My issue seems to be that I can’t find my save games.
The only save it lists is the auto save.
I click new save and it reports save completed successfully, but when I opt to load a game it just lists the Auto-Save

anyone seen or heard of this?

Edit* Just saw Midnight Sons post about this same issue.

nice! did you guys use the default install directory? maybe its that old dumb dumb dumb mistake, made once again?

Yes, I have to turn Spysweeper off before I play and then turn it back on when I finish. A little bit of a drag, but not exactly a deal killer.

The game runs beautifully for me, but something odd happens after I exit - I’ve got some five-hundred or so tray icons for FFDshow, from the Matroska pack, in my taskbar. I’ve just installed the newest version of the pack, so we’ll see if that clears it up. There don’t seem to be any consequences on the performance of the game, though.

Just found a thread on the Oblivion forums about this. A guy reports that he copied his auto-save over another save and it show up in the load screen and works as normal now.

I’ve got the same FFDshow things in my tray! Also, I reloaded an earlier autosave and now my saves are appearing where they should.

I’m seeing that multiple FF thing in my tray too. They seem to clear out on their own after quitting the game (they disappear when moving the cursor over them). But if each FF icon in the tray indicates a separate instance of the program being run during gameplay, I’m worried it may eat up memory that Oblivion can’t afford to lose…

I just discovered that the video options panel in the game itself scrolls down, offering many more options like the grass draw distance. Yay.

The game runs pretty great for me: Athlon 64 3200+, 1 GB RAM, ATI X800, at my LCD’s native 1280x1024, and a reasonable framerate. It certainly runs better than Morrowind did on my TNT2 (which is what I had when it came out). I’ve had one strange issue: A certain visual effect absolutely murders my framerate, down to <1 FPS. If I turn towards the effect, it goes massively herky-jerky. If I look the other way, it pops back to normal.

The remainder of this post is going to describe which effect this is and where I’ve seen it occur, which is probably a SPOILER though NOT A VERY BIG ONE:

(1) In the initial dungeon, the various baddies who jump in and attack cause this effect when they die.

(2) Arriving in Kvatch causes this effect when I look anywhere near the town.

I can only presume the effect is some sort of Oblivion-gate-related-thing, as the baddies in (1) appear to have bound weapons/armor, and the effect is this stuff vanishing when they die; and I can only assume (2) is due to a gate appearing in the area (I can’t be certain as I’ve yet to get anywhere near it).


So this is intensely annoying and I’m playing with turning stuff off one by one to see if it goes away.

Check this thread–may be related:


Ok I’m getting repeated CTD on Oblivion, and windows faults the crash to Mpeg2dmx.ax

Would trying to install a new codec pack fix this?

It wouldn’t run more than five minutes at a time before locking up until I installed the Matroska codec pack. I’d say it’s worth a try…

Wow, so I guess it sounds like the 360 version is the one to get?

I wouldn’t say so. My problem is weird, but doesn’t affect the game at all. It runs silky smooth, and looks gorgeous. I’d say more, but I want to go back to playing it.

That was indeed the same problem I was having. It’s kind of silly, but turning off anti-aliasing made the problem go away.

I don’t typically like browsing those sorts of tech support forums because 90% of responses take the form of update drivers/downgrade drivers/reinstall the game, which never ever ever fixes the goddamned problem. Anywho. To Oblivion!