Oblivion "quietly pushed to 2006"?

The quote in the topic is from the latest Computer Games Magazine’s coverage of E3. So what gives? Can’t they name a source? Bethesda is still stating the release date is late 2005.

Although I’d really like to know if this information is accurate, the greater question is where do magazines get information like this and why be so mysterious about it? Steve, if you’re out there, this is mostly directed at you – but any of you games journalists are welcome to toss in your two cents.

Maybe they don’t want to have to tell Microsoft yet that the only decent game in the 360 launch lineup is going to be late…

This is ok by me, I’m short on cash and buying an Xbox 360 for this game was starting to look like a good alternative to upgrading my PC. :P

Some source, usually employees at a developer, will speak on the condition of anonymity.

This is a surprise? That date was ridiculous. It won’t be out before next summer, IMO. They have a very ambitious game there (always do with this series). It will miss many supposed deadlines.

Interesting. Bethesda were pretty vehement it would ship “on time” not that long ago.

Whatever. This was a game to play on the PC anyhow.

The longer we wait the better the game’s gonna be. From what I’ve seen Oblivion is going to look good, real good, and I’d rather that not be as a result of spending less time on gameplay cough doom 3 cough.

Yes, just like Duke Nukem Forever.

Yes, just like Duke Nukem Forever.[/quote]

DNF is gonna be goddamn amazing.

They hinted that the game would be released in the next year or so in PC Gamer’s Prey feature.

I mean, Prey is looking alright. DNF shouldn’t be so bad, right?

Usually if they push back the date, it means it’s going to be either incomplete or buggy. I’m glad some developers have the choice to push it back for the sake of gameplay. I think if it does get pushed back, it’s for the better.
On the other hand, I want to play this game NOW. So yeah.

Let them push this back and do it RIGHT.

We need to look no further than KOTOR 2 PC to find out what happens when a title gets pushed out the door too quickly. If the additional time brings this game out in a better state, so much the better. It’s not like I’m going to die for a lack of new games to play.

I want the game yesterday, bug-free, with 80 hours of content, and I want it for free dammit!

I heard DNF is going to be the first game that ever reaches right into your brain and constructs the game you’ve been hoping for all your life…


Sadly, the process is fatal.

Sadly, the process is fatal.

Works for me.

Instead of Duke Nukem Forever, what about Half-Life 2? I thought that was one heck of a gaming experience, and forth the wait and delays it went through.

Um, what about Morrowind,the sequel to Daggerfall? That was delayed a bit and it came out awesome. And lets not compare this game/company to different games/companies – just have faith in Bethesda ;) I know I loved all their previous TES games.

They’ll do what they need. If they think they can get it out finished in '05 great, if they don’t, they better fucking finish it. I think there one of the few companies I’ve still got blind faith in.