Oblivion savegame files?

I can’t find any save files in my Oblivion folders. The Data folder is split into Music, Video, and Shaders folders, and then a few other files like “textures” and “meshes.” Are the save files accessible somewhere? I’d like to back mine up on CD…

Sorry if this has been asked before on one of the previous Oblivion threads.

It’s in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion.

%userprofile%\my documents\my games\oblivion


Hopefully more games will standardize on that as their save game location – Fable and Civ4 are already saving there on my system. Others are all over the place, though. The Bard’s Tale even put its save games in the hidden Local Settings folder…

It’s part of the new windows application logo standards, actually. I can’t find the reference, but I remember it being there.

Yeah. Multi-user-aware apps and games have been correctly storing user-specific data in its intended place for several years. I mean, it’s one of the reasons why Microsoft created the user-specific “Documents and Settings” folder in the first place back when they were designing Windows NT.

Good on Microsoft that they’ve decided to enforce more of their standards.

Next up, games that will let you play them even if you don’t have administrator privileges.

Tried to right click the executable, go to properties-compatibility as an administrator and set it to “Allow non-administrators to run this program”?

Good on Microsoft that they’ve decided to enforce more of their standards.

Except when you format your HD and you lose your save game files!

Really I dont like it for the reason above. I was lucky on this last format that I checked the folder to see what was in there and found the save files there. I know that I am like a lot of people and that my games drive is not on the same drive as my OS drive.


You can move your home directories to a different drive.


Can you name save games? It’s vaguely related to save games so here seems appropriate to ask.

You can with the console. Press tilde to open it, then type “save xxxxx” and it will save it with the name you enter.

Ah, thanks.

Don’t forget to put quotes around the name if it contains spaces. Also, you can use “load” in the same way to quickly load arbitrary games.