Oblivion SPOILER thread (including all through-gate info!)

There are a proliferation of Oblivion threads now, and for the foreseeable future. And at any moment any or all of them may get into spoiler details of the plot, ESPECIALLY discussions of what it’s like when you go through the Oblivion Gates. (aka the Ooooooo Spoooooky Don’t Any Of You Press People Go Through There Before Ship Date Gates!)

So, yeah, if you’ve been through an Oblivion gate – or if you’ve gotten any distance along in the main quest plot, or if you’ve done any other quests that are past the first 10% or so of the game, and you’re itching to spill various beans – then FOR CHRIST’S SAKE POST IN THIS THREAD ONLY!

The rest of us slackers thank you deeply in advance from the bottom of our feeble little hearts.