Oblivion: the mystery of the luck attribute

Maybe all of us ignoring luck is why we didn’t get invited into any lass’s bedroom to “shoot arrows” and “light her pooch on fire”.

That would have more to do with personality than luck.

If you change one letter of one word in your quote you’ve got HOT COFFEE for Oblivion.

How has this thread gone on this long without an Obi-Wan quote?

I found a ring of luck with my noob mage earlier today, when I put it on I instantly gained 1 armor point?

I don’t know, did you?

Try picking mushrooms or other reagents with a high enough luck and see if the frequency of successful harvesting increases.

9-ball is rotation pool. The balls are pocketed in numbered order. The only ball that means anything, that wins it, is the 9. The player can shoot eight trick shots in a row, blow the 9 and lose. On the other hand, the player can get the 9 in on the break, if the balls spread right, and win. Which is to say that luck plays a part in 9-ball.

But for some players…luck itself is an art.

Yeah, you want to talk Ancotar up so he actually thinks about the side effects of the purge.

Not easy to persuade someone invisible, but go once around on the lightest wedge to get a feel for his personality.


I don’t know where they got the numbers from, but this FAQ says they’ve figured some of it out.

The following information was provided entirely by Scy046.

Luck affects how your skill performs. If luck is greater than 50 then all your
skill will gain a bonus and if its less than 50 than all your skills will
suffer. The formula looks like:

Skill + (Luck-50) * 0.4 = Modified Skill Level (<=100).

Using 50 points of luck as our reference point we will see the effect of
increasing and decreasing luck will have on our skills.

000 Luck – 30 Skill. [-20 net]
010 Luck – 34 Skill. [-16 net]
020 Luck – 38 Skill. [-12 net]
030 Luck – 42 Skill. [-08 net]
040 Luck – 46 Skill. [-04 net]
050 Luck – 50 Skill. [+0 net]
060 Luck – 54 Skill. [+4 net]
070 Luck – 58 Skill. [+8 net]
080 Luck – 62 Skill. [+12 net]
090 Luck – 66 Skill. [+16 net]
100 Luck – 70 Skill. [+20 net]

In short, Luck’s effect varies from -20 (Luck = 0) to +20 (Luck = 100) or +4
Luck every 10 points; since the base value is 50, 0-49 “don’t occur” for the
most part.

Luck continues to provide a benefit up to 300. This effectively gives each
skill a +100 bonus. Remember the only skills that have a benefit above 100
are athletics and acrobatics.

Luck may affect enemy loot but testing has not been conclusive. As for what else luck may have an affect on, who knows?

I think luck actually affects any randomly generated number – in Morrowind, that included “to hit” (not Oblivion), but also treasure, skill use, etc.

“In my experience there’s no such thing as luck.”

Feel better now?

More trivia - I know there was a console port of one of Bethesda’s games which was actually completed, but never released, because it wasn’t considered to be good enough to be worthwhile.

Not a recent game.

Redguard? For PS1 or N64 maybe?

That isometric dungeon crawler that I forget the name of? THAT IT?

Edit: Battlespire

I quoted a movie, but I guess one saw the sequel to The Hustler >.<

Good guess.

Hey, just resurrecting here.

My character show 60 Luck on the level up screen, but on the active character sheet, its 12.

Does anyone know what is going on with this low luck score?

Cursed, maybe? Try getting healed in church?

Sounds like your stat has been damaged, get a “Restore Luck” potion or spell going ;).