Oblivion: the mystery of the luck attribute

Talos hates you

Losing attribute points through curses/diseases is a constant theme in the Elder Scrolls games - it’s one of the other only series I can think of that has you losing attribute points indefinitely, until you cure them - it’s also hard to tell sometimes, if you have other magical bonuses on that attribute. Anyway, you can always cure them by going to a church altar, and usually by casting cure disease – check your “affliction” page to see if you’re under any effects.

Yeah, just pray a lot – in TES, the gods deliver.

I’m thinking I’d like to enchant all my armor with +luck enchants. The only thing stopping me is that I wouldn’t be able to repair anything myself, so now I’m working on my armorer skill.

I’ve still got a loooong way to go before I can repair magic armor. =P

It pisses me off when all those atheists and Daedra worshippers complain that the gods never do anything for them. Don’t they ever wonder why there are no doctors in Cyrodiil? The gods cure everyone for free, that’s why. Unless you’re a criminal. (I like the way the state pantheon actively ties itself into the interests of the state. Akatosh is watching!)

Luck appears to influence the damage on weapons. You may have noticed that the damage on weapons goes up over time(I’m guessing because of leveling). For example, the dai-katana was at 7 I think when I first got it, and it is now at 11. I verified that this happens by loading save games from when I had several less levels.

Tonight I noticed that the damage on my weapons had dropped by two or so, even though they were fully repaired. I wondered what happened, then I remembered that my luck had been drained down to 30. I went to the chapel and got my luck back to 60, and sure enough the damage went back up.

I think that’s your strength & skill in the weapon, actually.

A hard-core friend of mine confirmed that it’s your skill and strength that affect damage, not level.

However, your luck test sounds pretty straightforward, and I think that’s pretty big news if true.

Luck is affecting weapon damage indirectly. Your blade skill is boosted by ((LUCK-50)/2.5), so when your luck was thirty you were getting a modifier of -8 to your blade skill. After restoring it to sixty, that modifier became +4 – essentially increasing your relative blade skill by 12 and subsequently modifying the weapons damage.

Luck does influence weapon damage, just not in a direct fashion.

Chris Woods

This alchemy faq talks about some related stuff, and says it makes a big difference on loot generation.

Again, LUCK affects every randomly generated number.

heh, so we decided that we actually now NEED to put level points in luck I see…I started with 60 and have never upped it a all.

Doesn’t this make the Thief starsign way too powerfull?