Oblivion - Tom Cruise Post-Apocalyptic Non-Whitta Joint

I can’t make up my mind whether that trailer was awesome or horrible, but I am leaning towards the latter.

That trailer looks very Matrix-y, with a Zion vibe, people in pods, and Neo meeting Morpheus.

Yeah, I’m curious too, but I’m a lot less curious than if that trailer had been less revealing… I agree, if you’re interested, don’t watch it.

Also, they should cut that nostalgic sport reminiscing right out of the flick, it almost made me stop right there.

I don’t think rocks work that way.

Maybe it’s like a thing that whatever they were warring with did? It’s supposed to be sixty years in the future right?

I think it looks fine, not particularly offended nor stoked. I think Morgan Freeman looks very silly though, erring more on the side of “Mystery Men” than “Mad Max” I guess?

It’s up on Apple Trailers now:

This just looks embarrassing — the art direction and writing of a $20 scifi film two teens make on a budget of $100 million.

I think it looks fantastic. Whether it will be a great/good movie remains to be seen. There is a lot of room in the execution for this to be terrible but Kosinski has a gift for science fiction/tech imagery.

That there is a twist coming was apparent in the tag but man, trailers that give away the whole movie are the bane of the industry. I guarantee there is footage from every act of the movie in that trailer. Why would they feel the need to spoil their own plot? I am not adverse to spoilers myself but damn, do they teach giving away the majority of plot points at trailer making marketing academy?

Only 60 years??

from the tag line :

On a spectacular future Earth that has evolved beyond recognition

I was thinking thousands of years in the future?

I’m assuming the weapons used in the war by one or both sides essentially partially terraformed the planet.

Also, is anyone reminded of the old Mark Hamill movie Slipstream?

Yup he says “sixty years earth was attacked” in the trailer, so apparently Earth was invaded by Medusa.

“Sixty years after Earth was attacked”. I suppose that the attack happened already in the future (which explains the scifi tech), from our perspective.

Could be interesting, but I quit halfway through the trailer as it seemed way spoilerish.

This. I don’t get what people are all worked up about - we have no idea what the alien tech is about, or what all happened to the earth. NYC could have flooded by hot mud or who knows what all.

I watched the entire trailer, which I normally don’t do, and while I’m sure it spoiled a lot, I had no idea what was going on. So I guess I can go in to see the movie without “knowing” too much in advance.

I agree that it looks like it could be good or horrible… and the fact that it’s launching in April doesn’t give me much hope that it’ll be good.

Also as mentioned upstream, I have no idea how Tom Cruise does so many movies. He certainly doesn’t gather any moss.

I remember Brad Pitt talking about how payments for actors have declined a lot over the past few years, making him (And he said this with a grin so he knows its a bit off) having to manage his money like most other people from now on.

So - Perhaps the reason we see actors like Bruce Willis (Who has made 76 movies this year, it seems) and Tom Cruise work a lot more, is perhaps to retain a certain lifestyle?

What has changed is that more and more the big names take small guaranteed salaries but also get profit sharing if the film does well enough. In that circumstance, bigger names with a spotty recent history tend to keep their schedules full hoping for a big hit to restore their top status.

I went into the movie last night knowing absolutely nothing about it apart from what I saw on the poster. As usual afterwards I watched the trailer and was rather shocked at how much is revealed in there, so I’m pretty glad I went in blind and can only recommed it to everyone here. If you’re at least marginally interested in Sci-Fi movies and stories and enjoy some nice visuals, go watch it!

Its great to see a big budget sci-fi movie hit the big screen that is NOT a backdoor pilot to a new franchise or a superhero movie or a action romp only aimed at 13 year olds who don’t need a story. Granted, the movie does borrow liberally from various other scifi tropes and thus doesn’t really present anything you might not have seen elsewhere before, but I reckon the complete package is a pretty well done film.


The coda at the end was a bit too sappy for my liking and if you really break down the story, I reckon they could have actually told the story without the whole romance / ex? wife angle.

I almost fell asleep. Big bore. And I fell for the marketing and some positive reviews. If you have seen Moon, then there is no reason to see this movie. I think this movie does not have an interesting plot or arc or characters. And the end was meaningless. This movie has no plot. It is just Tom Cruise running around and blowing up some stuff. And looking serious. I really want my money back.

Thats pretty harsh.
What do you mean it has no plot? Like I said, it borrows from other recognizable scifi tropes, but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t worth telling.

moon & oblivion

This goes as a double spoiler for those that haven’t seen Moon or this film yet! But yes, Oblivion does resemble a big budget version of Moon with lots of similar elements. Moon is the better film as its a more contained character movie, while this one veers more towards action. But is it necessarily a BAD movie, if you’ve seen something similar to it before? Because that would rule out most sequels and action movies made these days…