Oblivion wins Golden Joystick

Another British game awards show. Weird mix of credibility and bullshit (public voting on the one hand, giving awards to the PS3 and “retailer of the year” on the other)

Anyway, Oblivion and Nintendogs win.


how the hell can they have a “game of the year” award, and an “ultimate game of the year award”. The “game of the year” is actually the penultimate game of the year? Retarded.

Has Lara Croft not won “favourite character” in every British gaming awards, well, ever?

So much about Britain stops making sense after being away from it a few years. My Inglesense is suggesting to me that the public voted for one of these, the other was some kind of “editor’s choice.”

I also suspect this is some kind of Future Publishing marketing bash, which the BBC has dutifully presented as something more substantial without actually checking into it, because it’s games and it’s not real news to them. But I might be entirely wrong.

Thanks for the link anway - always find this stuff interesting. Nice to see Oblivion get an award too.

am I crazy or is this still 2006? with all the super major holiday games not even out quite yet?

Where I work, its 2007 already. So maybe their award year runs from october to september as well?

Rubbish. There are awards sponsored by ‘The Sun’ and ‘Nuts’. That’s not prestige, that’s shame and degradation. To add to the idiocy, there is an award titled ‘Girls Choice’. Aargh, indeed.

The Golden Joystick awards are all voted for by the public, which explains everything. Lara Croft appears to be the only character the public actually recognise. The entire spectacle is organised by Future, but I suspect that the magazines in their stable run little more than a few lines of the ceremony.

For your information, the ‘Ultimate Game of the Year’ is the all-format best game, and each format has a ‘Game of the Year’ too.

I can’t think of a single choice I agree with here - especially stuff like:

Handheld Game of the Year: GTA: Liberty City Stories

So many amazing games for the DS this year, and the award goes to pretty much a direct port of GTA3.

I hope there’s a Girls Choice category in the Oscars next year.

The article makes it sound like there is an “Ultimate Game of the Year” award and then individual systems have their own (PS2/XBox/PC)Games of the Year.