Oblong love

Oblongs really are my favourite shape :)

I saw the first 3 characters in this thread “Obl” and thought it was another Oblivion thread so I clicked it.

Turns out this thread is about oblong shapes.

I would rather talk about Oblivion. So let’s hijack this thread.

How many artifact weapons do you have?

Does the shape matter?

Full title: Oblong: The Elongated Squares?

None, I have a Staff of the Battlemage though, 80 dps Shock Damage, 500 charges, stole it from a council member… :-)

I also thought this was oblivion.

Obshort: Revenge of the forsaken quadrilateral.

Geometry nerds.

That was a fucked up, though interesting, show. It kinda got lost in the rest of Adult Swim, but it had it’s moments, like the episode where the dad gets the bionic body.

Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of deformity humor.

Or geometry humor.

Well, except maybe for those “what do you call a guy with no arms or legs in a certain situation” riddles.

They’ve been running Oblongs on TBS lately – dunno when exactly, started picking 'em up on TiVo. Very funny show.