Obscure band - Good song

There is no radio in Cleveland. None. Okay, we do have 3 classic rock stations, and the occasional college radio station show that is actually playing listenable music and not trying to impress me with their ability to like noise mixed with jazz. But with no way of finding new music past wildly searching in google, than taking those results and searching on Kazaa, I really have no idea what is obscure or what is popular.

So that as a starting point, I am looking for less known bands, which I have found, for the most part suck, but have the occasional really good song. I found many while doing my hunt for covers. The cover would be good, one other song maybe, and then the rest sucked.

So instead of wading thru the crap, I just want to know the one good song. As Joe Pop-O-Pies said, “Give them the fucking hit, thats all they want” and he would only play one song his entire set, his hit. His amazing hit is his cover of the grateful dead’s trucking.

My first pick - Cat Power’s “Nude as The News”
They also do a kind funny because it is so depressing, cover of wonderwall.


I’ll try (btw–while Chan Marshall–aka Cat Power–has had an up-and-down career, her new cd is pretty great…).

First off, here’s the single best song I heard in all of 2001. It’s called “Sublimation Hour”, and is by New Pornographer “secret member”, the reclusive Dan Bejar and his band Destroyer. I’m a sucker for the rock and roll self-referential song, and the oblique lyrics that reference everything from The Clash (the linedrop about “phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust”) to their own management (“a memo from Feldman saying everything is true”). Still, it’s the Mott The Hoople-ness of that guitar figure that wins me over every time. http://misrarecords.com/destroyer/downloads/Sublimation%20Hour.MP3 (That mp3 is courtesy of the record company, so there’s no hankypanky with posting it.)

Last year, a Welsh band called The Scooters put out the best brit-pop album of the year. In fact I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE is better than anything I’ve heard from Coldplay, Travis, etc. etc. Anyway, the first song on the record is a beautiful track called “This Is How It Ends”…http://www.thescooters.com/music/thisishow.mp3 The band’s website also hosts an mp3 of the third song on the record, “Guess Who”, which sounds like the best song Crowded House never recorded. http://www.thescooters.com/music/guesswho.mp3

People are always bitching that there’s no good music out there. Well, Warren Zanes, who used to be a drunken wreck of an 18 year-old in the Boston roots-punk band Del Fuegos about 15 years ago just released his first solo album, and it’s so damn good that if his tiny label had any promo budget, this Ph.D holder would be a household name. http://home.telascend.net/.media/WZ_First_On_The_Moon.mp3 “First On The Moon” is a fantastic, low-key tune, while http://home.telascend.net/.media/WZ_Hey_Girl.mp3 “Hey Girl” reminds me so much of one of my favorite songs ever (the Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait”) that I was instantly won over.

Finally, one of the best discs I’ve heard all year is from a guy who’s gonna be an underground superstar someday, Ted Leo. He’s got full mp3’s available at http://www.lookoutrecords.com/sounds/ but the label makes you visit the page instead of letting me direct link 'em. So, click that link, and give a listen to the incredible “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone” or “The High Party”.

There, that’s four bands, and 7 free, legal mp3’s to download and listen to. More later!

Dunno how obscure they are, but I’ve just been listening to a few silly Freezpop tunes lately. I think you have to be “a certain age” to think that electronic pop music is inherently cool, though, so it may not be for everyone :)


Oh, yeah, the song itself. Shark Attack is cute, as is Science Genius Girl.

Camille Yarborough, “Take Yo’ Praise”

Utterly obscure song by a minor funk singer, but I’m in love with it. (Warning: This song will disabuse you of any notion that Fatboy Slim is anything other than a thug with a sampler.)

In a similar vein, “See And Don’t See” by Marie “Queenie” Lyons, available on the SISTER FUNK collection.

Okay, here’s another band about whom you’ll be saying a year from now: “I think this is that band that one wacko was yammering on about in the Qt3 forums last year.” They’re gonna be huge in the States, and they’re already assaulting the UK charts with a top 20 single and now a top 10.

Head on over to www.thethrills.com and click on the radio thingy on the upper left. It lets you stream about 5 or 6 songs from their just-released debut album (currently available only in the UK–I think it’s tabbed for an autumn release here in the Colonies.) I’ll recommend you try the songs “One Horse Town” (sounds like some unholy beautiful marriage of Neil Young, PET SOUNDS, Britpop, and Motown) and “Big Sur” first.

Kind of a cool story with this Irish band. The Thrills apparently got their label to sign them without benefit of any salvagable recordings, and then got said label to finance them spending three months of last year living in a beach house in California, driving up and down the coast and writing the songs for their debut. Practically every song on the record has some sort of Cali reference in it, and the band themselves seem utterly besotted by American culture (dig the Celtics jerseys and Mickey Mouse sweatshirts). Anyway, the full length album debuted at #3 in the UK charts, and I have a feeling that despite the fact that there are very few rock bands in the world that feature the banjo, these guys are gonna be superstars.[/i]

triggercut, while First On The Moon is stuck in my head, too much of this other stuff sound like bad sugary pop meets J Geils as performed by the monkees. Thanks, but not my type of music, a little too much record store geek for me.

Can’t find Yarborough or Lyons, but will keep trying

Other songs I have been hooked on recently,
Lamb - “This could be heaven”
Doves - “Moonshine”