Obsessing over Deus Ex: you can't decompile the dialog file

Crud. I was thinking it’d be neat to browse through all the dialog trees, like in Infinity Explorer, but no dice. You can dump all of the individual dialog subcomponents out with the Unreal package extractor, but it’s anyone’s guess how to get from there to the .con file format.

Am I missing something?

Isn’t there a utility called ConEdit that comes with the editing tools? “Game of the Year Edition” had it.

Doesn’t the Multiplayer patch (30+mb) bring the original release up to the GOTY level? That may have the editor included with it. I only installed the smaller single player patch so I don’t know for sure.

I think you had to download a separate SDK to get the ConEdit, but I’m not sure. It might have been included in the huge multiplayer patch as well. In any case I remember having ConEdit installed and I don’t have the game of the year edition.

Oh, the problem is getting from the DeusExConText.u file (an unreal package) back into the .con format that ConEdit uses. The .con -> .u transform process isn’t documented anywhere, and neither is the .con format, so I’m at a loss.